Dr. Satish Gosain, M.B., B. S., D.N.B.(i) Med, Founder

A break between stressful works is incomplete without a cup of hot chai! Here is Govind Madhav Herbal Tea to make your break time perfect and guilt-free with a delicious range of herbal tea products. With a legacy of over 2 decades, the company is striving to chase perfection in a teacup along with health benefits. As a meticulous leader who understands medical aspects very well, Dr. Satish Gosain is currently advocating this brand with novelty.  

Despite being a doctor, graduated from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, he pondered on herbal teas and launched www.indianherbaltea.com He wanted to spread awareness of Herbal Teas and impart the health benefits derived from this special beverage that has been revered for centuries.

Making a Mark

In India, the tea manufacturing and retail market is largely unorganised, with consumption of adulterated, chemicals-filled Tea. But what separates Dr Gosain’s business from the thousands of other vendors like him is his passion for natural lifestyle and health through herbs; while leveraging his medical knowledge. He began creating an alternative drink to Black/Green tea to progress in Krishna Consciousness motivated him to study Ayurveda and develop a Herbal Tea Infusion (tisane) in 2002. As a doctor, he experimented with various herbal combinations and their beneficial effects. He started preparing a Herbal Tea infusion (tisane) as a modest hobby as well as the need to replace Black Tea. He used to prepare a little quantity and distribute it to devotees in ISKCON temples who wanted to leave black tea and it helped. This initial preparation developed in 2002 in a span of nine years has transformed into Govind Madhav Herbal Tea.

It all started with a small yet virtuous idea of providing the best quality herbal tea with 20 fast-acting botanicals and absolutely no caffeine or tannin. The herbal tea acts as an antioxidant and bolsters the immune system soothes stress and calms the mind; while also improving liver functions, blood circulation, sleep routine, digestion, memory power, and preventing cold & flu, arthritis, and stomach cramps.

Since its start, two things remained constant in this venture is the uncompromised dedication given to the procurement and blending of herbs. They make sure that it is checked and rechecked before finalizing it into a packet with safety profile in mind even if one consumes 8 cups a day. The second constant is improvement, which has motivated him to add more to Herbal Tea portfolio such as Cough Tea, Diabetic Tea, Ginger Tea, Tulsi Tea and Weight Loss Tea, and more to come.

The Growth

Govind Madhav Herbal Tea enjoys the loyalty of millions who value us for providing premium taste without the premium price tag. “Not only does the company’s graph have a constant slope in growth year on year, but also we have no negative feedback on marketed products. Apart from this, the atmosphere that has been set in the company and the satisfaction, determination, and loyalty displayed by people towards the brand has been quite an achievement. That being said, we are categorized as one of the best herbal tea manufacturers in India. We have a dextrous team of experts that helps us provide our customers with the best products and services. Most of our employees have been with us for years, truly setting us apart in terms of expertise. Our team is experienced and dedicated from the start so much that we gained popularity instantly,” shares Dr Gosain.

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Customer is King

“We are known for the delivery of the best of its quality products. We have always been able to understand the requirements of clients and have helped them to get healthy life by using our products. There might be a lot of manufacturers of herbal tea, but what makes us stand outside this crowd is mainly because of the experienced manufacturers, as we have been involved in this field for decades of years and also the professionalism that we always follow.Our mission has always been simple, to provide our customers and clients with the highest quality of products for the best value. Govind Madhav Herbal Tea is a reliable and trusted wholesaler of herbal tea. Starting with the rise of fast food, our goal is to inspire people to choose better and have something good for their health. Our time and dedication to the industry have cemented us as a leader among the wholesalers of herbal tea. Our superior quality of products, fast turnaround times, and high level of customer support and service are what make us popular in the market,” he concludes.