Destination weddings with an unconventional twist! Isn’t that enticing? Find a distinct spot like Bikaner and Khimsar and go big with the wedding festivities! India holds the ultimate gate to stunning locales that bring zestful vibrancy to the event, with its local food and culture. And that’s what going Glocal really means!

The harmonious blend of global influence with local flavours that creates a luxurious setting is what brings an out of the ordinary aura to the wedding. These are some tips that you can opt to support glocal.

  • Bring in the native magic

Going local gives you the advantage of letting the wedding decor blend in with the native assembly while matching the global standards. It gives the opportunity to experiment with the creative roots of the area and seamlessly blend them into the wedding decor for a distinct statement style. Use the aid of local suppliers instead of having decor elements transported to the destination. This means that the services offered will be instant and fresh with an allowance of elaborate setups. Moreover, any last-minute tweaks and changes can be easily managed with the availability of the vendors immediately. For instance, for a wedding in Jodhpur, use the skill of a sand artist and build a rooted design theme that celebrates the local craftsmanship along with presenting the wedding decor with a unique design approach.

  • Gain effortless charm through Local Delicacies

As wedding planners of the destination wedding, we are sure to have high expertise in making decisions that seem rather effortless. Use the local flavours in the wedding menu and build a truly ecstatic food palette for your NRI guests. From the finest spices to the rich native tastes, you can bring exclusive innovation into the wedding creatively.

  • Take a Cultural Jaunt through its Rich Heritage

Explore the local destination and let the guests also be invested with engagement activities such as city tours and local masterclasses. Take the wedding party on a food & culture trail, giving them a chance of a holiday along with the wedding excitement! Such recreational activities, additionally, help you be more aware of the locality on a global level while also adding an additional vibrant jaunt through the destination, giving a wholesome exclusive wedding experience.

  • Build luxuriously sustainable themes

Energise the wedding festivities by incorporating local themes. For a destination in Rajasthan, for instance, include the traditional Rajasthani dance at the Mehendi or cocktail or include the glass-blown technique for wedding day decor and add to the cultural touch of the local artisans. This helps create an aura to the wedding that is hard to forget while also promoting local work and being environmentally friendly.

Such distinct interventions not only build priceless experiences but also help create a genuine appreciation of the local craftsmanship and the uniqueness of the destination.

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