GetVantage, a major RBF organisation, and IPV, an early-stage investment platform, are uniting to invest two hundred crores into startups this year during a period of decreased funding.

The alliance furnishes a total collection of about 1,500 digital firms and start-ups with access to equity and income based financing growth capital to progress their startup venture. GetVantage and IPV are financing platforms that do not specialise in any one sector, and they prioritise the needs of founders when providing financial assistance to nascent businesses.

The association would have the ability to look through each other's portfolios and put resources into both recently established businesses and existing start-ups in the form of equity or capital depending on what the business needs.

GetVantage and IPV have jointly helped more than 500 companies with money and stocks.

By joining forces, IPV companies will be able to get revenue-based financing from GetVantage. In addition, the brands within GetVantage's portfolio can take advantage of IPV for equity investment, making the whole funding experience uncomplicated.

The purpose of this collaboration was to make sure that companies had easier and quicker access to money during a period when investments were hard to come by and the potential for an international recession. This allocation of funds is intended to assist businesses in growing even if other sources of financing seem out of reach, Bhavik Vasa, Founder & CEO, GetVantage said.

Interestingly, GetVantage and Inflection Point Ventures have a variety of companies in their collection that operate across SaaS, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle technology, and Health-oriented Direct to Consumer brands amongst other areas. BluSmart, Buyofuel, Almo, Macmerise and The Healthy Company are all included on the list.

Other companies that have been given money from both of the funding sources are Pumpumpum, Truly Madly, Mobigarage and many more.

Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder of Inflection Point Ventures, noted that this joint venture is extraordinarily advantageous for entrepreneurs in the present economic and financial conditions. Taking advantage of this partnership, numerous founders can set their enterprise on a faster trajectory to success and value creation.

Since it was established in late 2019, GetVantage has provided financing to more than 450 businesses. Since its establishment in 2018, Inflection Point Ventures has gained the support of over 7,000 investors who have put their money into around 150 startups.