Foxconn, the manufacturer of the iPhone, plans to manufacture electric vehicles in India. According to reports, the Taiwanese business is in discussions about this with various state governments.

The Economic Times said that an Indian delegation will soon travel to Taiwan to meet with Foxconn executives and go through the company's intentions. It is yet unknown, though, if Foxconn would engage in joint venture (JV) contract production for a number of brands or just one.

Although the manufacturer has a partnership with the manufacturers of electrical scooters Ather Energy, it is anticipated that it will search for a partner once it hits the market. According to insiders who spoke to the daily, they might collaborate with a major Indian automaker.

During their visit to India last year, top Foxconn executives met with representatives from Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh to discuss their EV plans. People in the know claimed that while Foxconn is interested in Maharashtra, it may also take into account Tamil Nadu because it already has a hub for the manufacturing of automobiles there and because Maharashtra presented some difficulties.

Telangana, which is also competing, is being considered for its aggressive "outreach and incentive".

According to the article, the Taiwanese company intended to develop a vertical platform including manufacturing, hardware, component production, and battery management. Then it would work with regional businesses.

Foxconn stated that India would help it set up a production line this year in order to supply two-wheeler EV manufacturing services in the company's annual report, which was published on May 31.

During Foxconn Chairman Young Liu's visit to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the company's push for EV manufacturing is consistent with India's aim to net zero emissions.

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