The IT services provider Infosys, with offices in Bengaluru, has informed its staff members in the US and Canada that they will no longer be permitted to work remotely. Infosys has informed its employees that they will now need to request special clearance in order to work remotely.

Over 30,000 Infosys employees in the United States and Canada are affected by the updated work-from-home policies, according to a Friday story in the Times of India. The report also stated that disciplinary measures could be taken if the new policy is not followed.

It is important to note that this regulation does not currently apply to employees in India. The corporation had developed a phased plan for Indian employees to gradually return to the office in November of last year.

The Executive Vice President and Group Head of HR Development, Krishnamurthy Shankar, expressed excitement about the staff's return to work after the company's financial results for the fiscal year 2022–2023 were released.

He stated, "It will be exciting to see how our teams will explore their own return to office plans by creatively and pragmatically blending project and business imperatives along with collective working convenience."

This most recent change in policy is consistent with the ideas expressed earlier this year by Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy. Murthy cautioned young workers against insisting on working from home in February. In the midst of the growing controversy around moonlighting, he emphasised the value of ethics.

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