Creating Positive Impact for the people and The Planet Through The Years

Claude Faure, President

Starting its journey in 1967, and now having a strength of 28,600 people in the company, FM logistics has journeyed through the years, paving its way towards success. FM logistics is a supply chain company and firmly believes that supply chains have the power to create positive impacts for people and the planet. The company has  worked since 1967 to offer the right products at the right time and location, to bring sustainable change and for the benefit of everyone.  In order to act together and create ethical supply chain models, the supply chain has collaborated with devoted partners and clients in the consumer products, retail, beauty and cosmetics, industrial production, and healthcare sectors. By 2030, they hope to be acknowledged as the pioneer of sustainable omnichannel supply chains and hence, are always challenging the norm.

The company seems to be  setting the bar for one-roof architecture and transportation pooling. They support carbon-neutral warehousing and eco-friendly co-packing methods.  A lot of significant effort has been made to use resources as efficiently as possible, regularly assessing and reducing the carbon footprint. With  urban solutions or bulk finished goods offering, they are establishing creative and sustainable omnichannel distribution. The company has   established itself as a devoted and enduring partner for neighbourhood communities world over.

Act of Assistance and Providing Solutions

FM Logistic is a dependable partner to assist its customers in overcoming their issues with more than 50 years of experience in the FMCG supply chain. Pooling was first implemented by a logistical actor, and mutualization for the benefit of  consumers .Innovative and sustainable FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) logistics strategies are required for the penetration in new markets. To support the development of consumer goods supply chains, FM Logistics has been co-creating innovative FMCG logistics solutions. FM Logistic has cultivated a distinctive expertise in the FMCG sector, from dry and fresh commodities through hygiene to cosmetics and luxury goods, as a leader in transport and warehousing solutions. More than ever before, the business assists its clients in gaining a competitive edge, increasing sales, and creating a genuine difference to provide a genuine "supply shift" for a positive impact.

The one roof and transport pooling concepts were invented by the supply chain. It has worked to optimise how they use resources, always tracking and improving the carbon footprint, from eco-friendly co-packing solutions to neutral carbon warehouses.

FM Logistics try to provide solutions for warehousing, co-packing, supply chain optimisation, omnichannel , transport and urban logistics.

The logistics platform is certified to handle all product kinds, including risky commodities, from design through management. Their multi-client and multi-activity setup ensures the flexibility and optimization of both warehouse processes and costs, regardless of whether there are enormous quantities to manage or unique requirements in terms of compliance and safety. It assists brands in gaining a competitive edge by transforming co-packing options into a long-term asset. The co-manufacturing and co-packing solutions provide the flexibility of the product offering while putting forth sustainable options without affecting production capacity. For a flawless end-to-end supply chain, the logistics platform provides a full range of e-commerce and omnichannel logistics solutions. Order orchestration, inbound logistics, fulfilment, outbound, and post-sale operations with sophisticated automation, numerous delivery options, returns management, or customer care capabilities are all included in their services.

FM Logistic has been creating freight and transportation solutions since 1967 to aid in the growth of seamless omnichannel supply chains. They provide a variety of transport services, including last-mile delivery, air, sea, and ground transportation.

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Innovations for a Sustainable Future

At FM Logistic, the company and the supply chain is strengthened by empowering their people. They empower their employees to become game-changers for the company, clients, communities and planet. Their culture is rooted in entrepreneurship and  are passionate about exploring new territories.

FM Logistics has contributed to the development of a sustainable logistics network by cooperating with public and private partners. The business launched an ambitious sustainability programme in 2018 with three pillars: caring for its people, reducing the environmental impact of their operations, and working with suppliers to create a sustainable supply chain. This initiative is the outcome of internal and external collaboration. It is used in every nation where their group conducts business. The logistics group is convinced of the benefits of sustainable logistics and aims to make a difference together.

By striving hard to bring a change in the world for more than 50 years, the supply chain has successfully expanded across countries throughout the world. They have implemented their vision in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America and aim to expand further with their strong mindset to bring a change across several other regions throughout the world.