Among a swarm of factors that are associated with piping materials, safety stands at the foremost position and can never be compromised since thousands of lives are put at stake. Bygones are the traditional steel and GI pipes in the plumbing systems of India! It has been the era of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe in India for the past two decades. Be its durability, performance or safety, CPVC pipes have always outperformed the traditional steel and GI pipes, thereby outclassing as an ideal system for Hot and Cold water plumbing applications. The other advantages of these brilliant pipes are corrosion resistance, ease of installation, little or no maintenance required, optimum flow rates, superior mechanical strength, additional safety, low flame and smoke, and long service life.

Thanks to FlowGuard, a globally renowned brand for innovating the remarkably tough and reliable CPVC pipes through its parent company – Lubrizol way back in 1959! Later in 1999, Lubrizol entered the Indian CPVC plumbing systems market under the FlowGuard Pipe & Fittings brand name which in 2014 was revised to FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System as we know it today. Binay Agrawal, Business Head – Temprite South Asia, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, adds, “There is an emotion attached to the FlowGuard Plus brand in the plumbing community of India and we are proud to create a new category of CPVC pipes in India. We have undoubtedly resolved the biggest problems around the plumbing space in Indian homes while striving to resolve other bigger problems too”.

The Leaders, Time & Again!

Binay Agrawal, Business Head

FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System’s parent company – Lubrizol is a global speciality company with two key elements to its core vision: Safety and Operational Excellence… Every Day. Under this vision, the company has developed multiple solutions along with advanced CPVC solutions that ensure clean water supply and safe plumbing systems for millions of citizens across India as well as the world. By being true and passionate about its vision and values, the brand has been profoundly investing in CPVC to improve the lives of people.

What differentiates FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System from its peers in the market is its capability to offer the most durable CPVC plumbing systems in India, with a service life of over 50 years. Here, durability is based on a stream of parameters such as temperature resistance, pressure rating, and impact that could be withstood by the pipes, and many more. In fact, once the customer installs FlowGuard Plus pipes & fittings, he/she can be rest assured and never worry about leakages, corrosion, or any other issue.

Binay articulates, “We are the only brand in India that has been solely focused on developing CPVC pipes for more than six decades and most importantly, no other technology provider in India has invested in CPVC the way we have”. Behind these superior products stand the local investments and continuous improvements in tandem with advanced technologies which give FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System an edge above others in the Indian plumbing space.

A Coterie of Ardent Professionals

Poised perfectly at an irreplaceable position in the industry, FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System attributes its decades of success to its strong and talented multinational team segregated across commercial, R&D, operations and other departments. Each member of this global team is extremely passionate about adhering to the core values of Lubrizol while devising solutions that etch an everlasting impact on people’s lives. In turn, the brand ensures to update the right experiences and state-of-the-art technologies not only to its employees but also to the entire plumbing community in India as well as globally.

This has been brought to fruition in India through the first-of-its-kind FlowGuard Plus Mobile APP where regular updates on a spectrum of the latest technologies and plumbing methods are being shared. On this platform, the brand endeavours to connect with over 50,000 plumbers across the country through training and reward programs. Binay adds, “We believe that this is one way of giving back to the plumbing community which has been one of the key drivers for overall growth FlowGuard Plus in India”. Binay has over 13 years of work experience in strategy, business development and sales. He spent 6 years in Tata Group as Strategy Manager and has been with Lubrizol for nearly 6 years. He loves to interact with people and is inspired by the success stories of people with diverse backgrounds.

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Prospective Future

Witnessing double-digit growth in its volume during 2021 over 2020 (Covid 19 Pandemic), FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing System is sailing ahead with a two-fold plan that includes following the “Make in India” concept and “Connect with India”. Under the first plan, the brand has intends to set up a world-class CPVC production facility in Gujarat by 2023. Under the second plan, the brand endeavours to directly associate with the end-users and plumbers to educate them and improve their lives significantly. “We are building a strong future where we ensure that every home in India has the right plumbing system which is indeed FlowGuard Plus. Even our partners with distribution networks across India strive hard to assure that our brand is made available to people from smaller cities and towns too”, concludes Binay.