In this world of fast-growing technologies, there is advancement in various industries. One such trending topic is the Electric Vehicles. In short, we call it as EV. To describe Electric Vehicle, it is a fascinating yet thrilling concept activating the push towards the go green initiatives.

Talking about the history, Electric Vehicles were introduced and commercialized decades ago and they were available to the general public. And in the recent years, after 2018 the whole world is taking EV into consideration and have started adapting it. Also, it is not limited to any category of vehicle. There are 2-wheelers, 4-wheelers and other huge vehicles carrying goods too.

Electric vehicles are fast moving. One or more electric motors are used for propulsion and it can be powered by collector system with electricity from extravehicular sources or by a battery. The reality is that EVs are expensive and require a reliable technical support. Reliability is one of the main concerns. With research and time, there will definitely be a solution for it. Adding on to that, the EV domain is vast and multiple organizations are in the urge to adapt to that system in this competitive world.

Here we can understand the infrastructure setup of electric vehicles. For the functioning of any vehicle, it requires the machine and its fuel. Any form of vehicle, be it two-wheeler, three-wheeler or four-wheeler, they were designed to work on electricity using batteries that used lead acid initially and then shifted to lithium-ion. Few other forms of energy sources are yet in the process of innovation due to the stability of the fuel type.

In the market, there are many companies that have already launched their vehicles. The government has also generated new policies and started promoting these vehicles. They have also introduced subsidies to the manufacturers and buyers so that the cost is lessened. In this way and by organizing campaigns people will be more aware of electric vehicles, their usage, and their benefits.

Having said that, there are two major challenges for Electric Vehicles. That is the fuel type instability and charging infrastructure. Further discussing about these challenges and how to face them.

Talking about the fuel type, the change from lead acid to lithium-ion was to support the speed of vehicles, enhance the durability of batteries, and also long distance travel after it is charged once. But here’s the challenge with lithium-ion batteries too. One of the major issues is the placement within the vehicle because of the chemical and electrical properties. Also, they are venerable and must be handled with proper care. Otherwise, they might cause an accident. Next is the charging time of batteries. Even though many companies are promoting fast charging, it takes 3-4 hours to attain full charge. Besides that, even the cost of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries is high which in turn makes the vehicle price expensive. Now, alternatively, there are other batteries that are evolving like solid-state and aluminum air batteries which are under testing phases. And among these, the issue of stability and reliability of fuel for the EVs are quite low.

Moving forward to the infrastructure for running Electric Vehicles on road, we need a massive amount of charging stations that must be available round the clock. But this is expensive as well as time-consuming. Hence, the Indian government is working towards this and proposing to arrange the finest infrastructure in major cities by 2025. Many companies have also bid for creating charging stations. And major car manufacturers have introduced the concept of hybrid cars so that the EV adaptation will be easier in the future. But still, the complete shift from conventional vehicles to Electrical vehicles will be a challenge.

The statistics of the Indian market indicate that people are adapting to EVs. For instance, from 2016 to 2022, the selling rate has increased from 1 Lakh to 27 Lakh EVs considering both 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler including non-registered categories.) As the financial year is round the corner, in this new budget there will be more stress on boosting the EV charging infrastructure as per the speculations. Hope this will bring a change in the market size and the economy working toward EVs.

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