From playing video games such as Super Mario, kabaddi, cricket to online games such as PUBG with virtual community, gaming has been evolving among our lives like never before. In the last decade, the Indian online gaming industry has seen a wave of recognition and popularity, especially among the youths.

As per a report published by KPMG, the industry is expected to generate revenue in excess of Rs 29,000 crore by 2025 with over 65 crore users, employ over 70,000 highly qualified technologists and many others who are indirectly associated with the industry.

From expensive console to training sessions, practices, and regular supply of expensive games, the gaming world from then to now have changed. While then the passion & hobby drove adaption, now anybody with a smart-phone and an internet connection can become part of the gaming world or connect with the community.

Online gaming is no more a hobby

It is no secret that the ability to change in a very quick fashion it the most exciting thing in the gaming industry. The industry is constantly evolving, reshaping, and consistently giving rise to new innovations. It is no longer a hobby or passion but turning out to be a profession among the Esports category. Aspiring athletes, who earlier played games as a hobby or an activity for passing the time, have now turned it into a profession and they have been attracting substantial amount of money and sponsors. This is one reason the Esports industry is witnessing enormous growth with youngsters trying their hands on.

The rise of esports in recent years clearly demonstrates the power of the industry to reshape the ecosystem of the current online gaming world with an increase in demand among the masses. Its influence on the future games as a medium, platform, industry, and cultural artifact, is likely to be tremendous. Both gaming and esports is a vibrant and fast-growing sectors, supported largely by the passion of three billion enthusiasts around the globe.

Esports is considered to be a real sport.

It is not just a hobby but has many benefits. For starters, esports is organized as a competitive video gaming, which is usually played between professionals. Although, it has been in the industry since the 1970s, it achieved phenomenal prominence in the gaming world in the past few years. Altogether with technological innovations, revenue generation, and increasing demand, more people are considering the gaming industry as a viable career option.

Esports – Attracting big brands to collaborate with Esports professionals

With Esports being one among the fastest growing industries now, it is rapidly reshaping the future of games, and big brands have started acknowledging its popularity. With increasing attention, the industry is drawing its fan base from all over the world. Brands have also discovered the potential of sponsoring some of the top gamers in order to have their brand attached with the best gamers in the fast evolving Esports industry.

The Spawning of More Esports

For next 5 – 10 years, the industry has the potential to grow at a very rapid pace. Developers are now increasing their resources and exploring new ways to grow in Esports. It helps in attracting more fans and sponsors from across the globe. After all, the popularity of the industry has inspired every developer to have a piece of the pie.

Esports – A big business opportunity

The industry has evolved into a big business globally and generating massive amount of money. It doesn’t look like Esports is going to stop expanding any time soon, so we should expect this industry to earn millions and trillions in the coming years. The industry is poised to generate job opportunities around the world.


New emerging technologies like AI, ML, and data science would drive this thriving industry to do wonders. It is here to stay and rule. Esports industry has a great potential to create positive economic cycle, and jobs for every aspirant. Taking note of that, we all should work towards the betterment of the industry, introduce more games, involve Esports in the education curriculums, and inspire aspiring athletes to get the best out of the industry.

About Author

Having completed his B.Tech – Civil Engineering from VIT, Vellore, Ishan wanted to step out of his comfort zone to pursue something that he always desired- E-sports.  An entrepreneur in the infrastructure business and the food industry, Ishan and his undying love for Esports is the sole motive behind him joining the industry through Chemin E-sports.

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