Dilli Babu Tukaram, Founder

Creations and Innovations

In accordance with Indian and international rules of practise, Empire Precast Construction has finished project design. EPC Construction has independently completed or is currently completing analysis that makes use of cutting-edge technology to create precast concrete elements such as Concrete Columns, Beams, Walls, and Hollow Core Slabs. EPC is now prepared to contribute its precast Technology expertise to the development of modern lifestyle projects coming in and around the world. Their operational system provides consulting services with the customer's input in order to choose the best precast technology. Utilising advanced analytical Precast Technology, it offers technological solutions that are both unique and practical.

Empire Precast Construction began operations in July 2016 with the intention of becoming one of the most significant contributors to the field of precast design.

EPC Construction is prepared to lend its precast technology experience to the creation of projects that reflect contemporary lifestyles after independently completing analyses using cutting-edge technology to build precast concrete pieces.

Its goal is to fully engage the consumer in the process of choosing the best precast technology.

Providing Services and Creating Homes

They provide a wide range of services, beginning with building cladding walls, columns, compound walls, drains, labour containers, portal frames, precast buildings, staircases, under-ground tanks, wall panels, counterweights, and manhole chambers. Wall cladding is an excellent approach to shield a building from dangerous weather conditions and other irritants that could endanger the structure.

The purpose of cladding is to keep water from damaging the walls and interior components of a room or building or from causing water to leak into the structure and pose a risk to anyone moving about inside. A vertical structural component designed to transmit a compressive load is known as a column. Typically, concrete, brick, block, and other materials with strong compressive strength are used to build columns.

A compound wall gives privacy and protection while serving to define one's home or building. Consequently, security is a wall's main goal.

EPC also creates a prestigious range of Labor Accommodation Container Houses in accordance with customer needs.

They create a HOME for migratory labourers from rural regions who have made enormous contributions to the building of cities but have received little compensation and have even faced discrimination from city inhabitants because of their socioeconomic standing. The HOME is more than just a physical shelter for them, bearing the most sincere care from urban governments.

Any tank or group of tanks used to store controlled substances and related underground pipes, whose combined volume is 10 percent or more below the surface of the ground, are referred to as underground storage tanks (or "USTs").

With the aid of their creative management, Empire Precast Construction is able to offer all these special services under one roof.

Empire Precast Construction is a group of eager and energised workers who have the necessary skills to create precast technology for a variety of construction projects. Apartment homes, commercial, industrial, public, and environmental projects are among their specialties.

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