We can no more ignore the changing climate and its devastating impact on the environment. Environmental advisors have warned us about the danger for years, and now we're starting to see those nightmares become a reality. The need to save the environment has never been greater and businesses today have a role to play in this mission. It's not just about being morally responsible, it's also about rethinking business practices in a way that supports sustainable living for everyone. One such company that is making a positive impact by replacing single use plastic is EkoPak because they believe there is no planet B.

(L-R) Mr. Uchit Gupta and Mr. Sanchit Gupta, Directors

The Evolution and  Future Plans

EkoPak is an Earth-friendly tableware brand that manufactures over 40 eco-friendly products, all under one roof. It is run by Kuber Packaging Industries and its products are made from multiple agri-based resources, making them 100% compostable and biodegradable. The company’s product range includes plates, bowls, meal trays that are made from sugarcane bagasse pulp, which decompose in the soil within just 90 days.  The glasses, cups, drinking straws, take-away containers are made out of FSC-certified food-grade paper  while cutlery  such as wooden spoons, forks, knives and stirrers  are made out of responsibly sourced birchwood.

Over the past three years  Ekopak has grown exponentially, starting with just three to four products in 2020 now the brand  has more than 40 eco-friendly products to choose from. For the year 2023 the brand plans to double its capacity in all its product segments and add new product lines such as tissue napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet paper, garbage bags, and bioplastic products.

EkoPak's mission is to create sustainable packaging that puts the planet first. The brand champions the transition to a circular economy with industry-leading products made from plants. The product range is predominantly made from renewable materials and certified compostable, helping to save the earth one plastic at a time.

Since EkoPak launched in September 2019, it has successfully replaced more than 4,256,780 kgs of single-use plastics with its eco-friendly range.

The brand aims to cater not only to the tableware segment but also towards the industrial packaging sector. To achieve this, EkoPak plans to increase its distribution network, which currently covers 8 states in India through various distribution partners. The brand also exports to the USA, UK, EU, UAE and it aims to increase its supply in these countries and create new supply chains in other countries as well.

The Bright Side

Ekopak’s 30 percent of factory workforce consists of women, empowering them and promoting gender equality. We plan to increase this percentage year by year.

Technology plays a vital role in the manufacturing of the products, Using the latest technological methods helps to streamline inefficiencies, reduce production costs and maintain quality parameters. All EkoPak products are manufactured under one roof to optimise efficiency and quality.

The success of the brand is in its commitment to sell the highest quality product at competitive prices. This mantra has earned the brand the trust of the customers and it continues to grow towards offering more sustainable solutions to the world.

Great Goals

“We are proud to say that we are the only Indian company that manufactures all the products we offer. Its a One-stop-shop for all food-grade biodegradable food packaging needs.

We strive to be at the forefront of eco-friendly packaging solutions because our mission is to expand our product offerings in a way that provides alternatives to single-use plastics in all the sectors. Our vision is to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable for everyone. To achieve this, we are aiming at providing top-notch products at affordable prices where we can make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste.

At Ekopak, we don't just talk about our mission, we live it every day. Our team is dedicated towards creating eco-friendly products that are not only good for our customers but also for the environment. We believe that every industry has a role to play in reducing their environmental footprint, we know that our success is not just measured by profits, but also  by the positive impact we make on the environment and society.

Sanchit Gupta and Uchit Gupta, the founders shared.

"Founded in 2019 by Sanchit Gupta and Uchit Gupta, EkoPak is an eco-friendly startup that's making a difference, one plastic at a time.