With the idea to make quality education available for all, Edhaut starts its journey in 2021. But before that, both the founders have witnessed; the high charge taken by EdTech companies is helping only those who are either rich or whose parents are that much capable that they can make a large expense; but what about the students who come from rural. With the vision to establish an ecosystem where Edhaut can merge the gap between Tier 1/2 teachers and rural students.

An Overgrowing Mission:

Kamalakanta Behera

Edhaut believes that education is best communicated when taught in the local language. Multiple EdTechs are offering courses in English or Hindi. Edhaut tries to target 90% of the student base enrolled in state boards and prefer the language of teaching the same as their mother tongue. Edhaut, for the time, is very much focused on enabling local/regional level educational content. Through our app +website-based modules, students can opt for live classes, recorded video courses, sample tests, performance analysis dashboards, and online mentoring. The course fee is kept very cost-effective as compared to others.

The Emerging "Thinktanks":

Edhaut has a small circle of "Thinktanks" engaged in continuous learning. Edhaut has collaborated with some of our tech-savvy friends working in big consultancies. They keep us abreast about the latest development in technology spaces; Edhaut constantly engages our gang with virtual seminars, investor's meetups, podcasts, and other learning methods.

Edhaut is targeting rural students and helping them to learn from the best tutors. That's why Edhaut provides education at such a low price that anyone can learn at the price of chocolate. Edhaut is also targeting and has initiated our talk with corporates like GAIL, PGCL, NTPC, ONGC, OPTCL, and TTPS to sponsor us from their CSR fund so that Edhaut can speed up to reach our target audience; which will also help us to make fewer expenses in marketing. 

An Educational Concept for All:

Kaibalya Vilash

Edhaut is all set to introduce the Edhaut community in our app, which may help us reach more students. And Edhaut has a target to introduce Ebooks that can be accessed free of cost; so that Edhaut can target the parents as well. In the future, Edhaut will make audiobooks available free of cost, which will enable our users to create book summaries through their voices and post. Edhaut is also targeting to launch one-to-one; student/ teacher video consulting.

Edhaut always respects the expenses bore by a customer, and that's why it will charge a bare minimum price for our product and services, which can be accessed by a large audience, where it will also ensure value for money. Edhaut believes in the concept of "Education for All." Providing price-effective courses and local language content also serves that part of the population who cannot spend what most of our competitors are asking for a standard course. Edhaut believes it's a small beginning but with a big dream. The aim is to prove that money doesn't equate to quality education.

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