Dhiyaneaswaran Periyaswami, Executive Director

One of the industries that strongly attest to India’s position as a fast-growing economy is the use of precast elements in structural engineering projects. The rapid growth in urbanization and industrialization, the increased need for quick project completion, and the surge in spending are some of the factors driving this growth in the country. That being said, the industry is creating a whole new competitive environment, giving opportunities like never before. In this flourishing space of course, but making a mark here is not an easy game. The players should adhere to quality and precision, and ensure less turnaround time while being a specialist in a niche and not generalists.

Eco Chimneys is boasting of its dominance as a leading manufacturer of Precast RCC Chimneys. Perfectly poised to meet the growing need for Precast structures, the concept was incepted in 2001 and the company was incorporated in 2006. The company battles every challenge encountered with a double-edged sword; a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and a professional team of experts. It is a specialized player in the field of Precast Chimneys and in over the span of 2 decades, it has delivered to over 1400 projects in India and overseas.

The Start Story

“The technology of Precast RCC Chimney is a nascent concept even today. When it was an unheard  idea, i.e., in the early 2000s, my father pioneered this technology. It was developed for our own needs but evolved to serve other small and medium-scale projects. Our family has been in business since the late 80’s. My dad had a few factories that used MS chimneys, which had to be repaired or replaced every few years due to poor durability. It was an unsafe and  costly affair. His explorative and innovative nature made him look out for a cost-effective and durable solution. Eventually, he came up with an idea to Precast the RCC chimney in several segments, stack them one above the other and secure them in place using a support steel tower. In a few months, he scaled it enough to replace one of the MS chimneys in his factory with a precast chimneys. This marked the start of Eco chimney. I joined the firm in 2010 give shape to the organisation to which my father laid the foundation. As we grew, the idea was well accepted and appreciated and also recognized by Pollution control boards of various states for an efficient product; eventually, our cost-effective, safe and durable chimneys became available to all. Over the years, our outstanding work in the field has made the Precast RCC Chimney a preferable choice over other types of Chimneys,” shares Dhiyaneaswaran (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR).

Incorporated in 2006, over the years, it has carved a niche for itself and is currently involved in projects in India and abroad. With extensive research, determination to excel and a substantial amount of work to back it, the company aims to manufacture and supply world-class chimneys every single day.

The Bright Side

In this huge industry that holds prominent players for buildings, bridges, and metros, Eco Chimneys is the only brand that is in the business of precasting chimneys in the country. “The design of chimneys are different from other precast structures as they react to loads in a different way. Chimneys have to be designed to withstand wind and seismic loads keeping in mind its slender nature and its tiny footprint.  Our Precast Chimney consists of a precast concrete flue and a support steel tower that holds the precast chimney in place. Our experience in using and combining the design of both these elements is niche in the industry. Over the years, We have been receiving  feedbacks from market experts and consultants which we diligently review to upgrade the design of the product. Our strength lies in how we have made this technology available to the market in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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The Growth

Placed at a great acceptance and growth rate, Eco Chimneys currently has two manufacturing facilities, one in Erode, Tamil Nadu and the other in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Speaking of their goals The ED says,” The biggest challenge in this industry is space for storage and logistics. A Precaster will need a huge area to manufacture and store their products. Also, logistics in a challenge as the size and weight of the precast elements are huge. It needs to be handled with utmost safety. The short term goal lies in reducing the lead time from manufacturing to installation by improving ways to cure and handle precast elements. Also, finding ways to store and handle materials in a safe cost-effective way is important . And, the long term goal would be to setting up small plants in various industrial clusters to make the product available in a timely and cost-effective manner. As the volume and weight of the precast elements are massive, transporting them to faraway places is a costly affair. In fact we are setting up a plant in Cheyyar near Chennai as the first step to overcome this problem.