Romita Mukherjee, Associate Vice President, Human Resources at Whatfix

“At Whatfix, we aim not only for financial success but also for a sustainable future. This Earth Day, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and take actions aligned with this vision. We have pledged to plant a tree for every work year anniversary completed by any of our employees, resulting in a 400-tree increase in green cover. We celebrate these milestones internally with the conscious gift of plant saplings and gardening kits. 

Whatfix donates laptops that have reached the end of their useful life but are still in working condition to underprivileged children to upskill and educate them while reducing electric waste. Aligned with the UN's sustainability goal of "No Hunger" and reducing food waste, 5-course meals are donated from Whatfix Bangalore cafeterias to underprivileged children and the elderly in an EWS (please share full form) nearby. Over 10,000 meals have been donated so far. 

To reduce our carbon footprint, we partnered with a carpooling vendor, implemented a shared cab service, and encouraged our employees to carpool with their coworkers. Additionally, we measure and report on our carbon emissions through CDP every year. To avoid energy wastage, our office is retrofitted with sensor lighting too. 

We have recently joined hands with the NGO Swabhimaan to facilitate a weekend education/upskill program in which our employees will engage with students assisting them in bridging the gap between campus and corporate. We intend to collaborate with two other NGOs in the coming months to broaden the scope of this initiative. Additionally, we are planning a Plogging event, combining sports activities to collect rubbish, in May to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean environment.

As a responsible start-up, these initiatives are very close to our hearts as Whatfix believes in the philosophy of "do it as you own it." And to our society and our planet, we will continue to contribute through such initiatives.”

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