Sushil Bajaj, Chairman

Did you know that the construction industry contributes to 13 percent of the world's GDP? Also, the global construction industry is expected to reach $18.96 trillion in 2024; a whooping increase from $15.17 trillion in 2022 (According to Beroe- Market Intelligence Services). With all the potential that the industry holds, the demand for turnkey solutions has been steadily increasing, and we can see the industry brimming with many companies, one better than the other. While clients look for a best-fit partner among the booming enterprises, it takes an extraordinary effort for any company to stand out from the crowd. We have pooled the best on our list and Dream Constructions is definitely a North Star among them. It is a reliable and trustworthy partner; redefining the way turnkey solutions are delivered, while staying committed to safety, sustainability, and excellence.

Let’s explore the secrets to Dream Constructions’ success, the strategies they use to stay ahead of the game, and the ways in which they're creating a brighter and more sustainable future. We'll dive deep into their unique business models, the advanced technologies they're using, and the impact they're having on the industry.

One-of-a-kind Solution Provider

Dream Constructions is a company that prides itself on exploring the limitless possibilities of the Indian construction space and redefining it. With Mr. Sushil Bajaj, a civil engineer with 35 years of experience in the construction industry and a degree from BITS Pilani, at the helm, the company has been undertaking about 20 projects, including a hotel, a luxury car workshop, BPO spaces, and 10-15 residences. Sushil began his journey as a civil engineer for H.S. Nag & Associates and oversaw the completion of several prestigious projects such as the construction of the US Embassy Visa Section, the Embassy of Sweden, the High Commission of New Zealand, the High Commission of Australia, and others.

Over the years, Dream Constructions has become an immensely competitive and evolved company that undertakes turnkey construction projects, and collaborations, and builds its own builder floors. “We undertake turnkey construction projects – provide end-to-end construction services from excavation to ready-to-move-in building to furniture. We also undertake collaborations and make our own builder floors,” the team explains.

Their management team plays a crucial role in coming up with new ideas to bring variation to their services. With their competitive advantage of distributed expertise, Dream Constructions ensures an equal yet distinguished strategy for all their projects – be it independent residential buildings or commercial buildings, whether project management or collaboration.

The Milestones Achieved & Ahead

Sidhant Bajaj, Operations Head

Some of Dream Constructions' success stories include restoring a 1965 residential building and converting it into a modern frame structure building, building a state-of-the-art auto workshop for one of the prestigious clients, holiday homes, and a hotel, as well as many other residential and commercial projects in Delhi NCR and Goa.

Dream Constructions' vision is to become the leading residential and commercial turnkey contractor for independent buildings in Delhi NCR and Goa within the next five years. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction, consistency, quality, safety awareness, a seamless process, and completing projects on time and within budget, which is the reason they have gained the trust of their customers. They participate in R&D activities to continuously improve their processes and use the latest technology to help improve overall efficiency. "Values and innovation together play a crucial role in building customer trust in the contractor. Our comprehensive solutions guarantee a standard quality is maintained for everyone involved throughout the contract,” remarks Sidhant Bajaj (Operations Head).

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In the Spotlight

Dream Constructions has a total workforce strength of 30 people and their commitment to excellence has been recognized with the title of "Most Promising Construction Companies to watch out for in 2022". The company continues to strive towards excellence and innovation in the construction space, making them stand out from other turnkey solution companies in India. “Our success enablers are customer satisfaction, consistency, quality, safety awareness, a seamless process, and completing projects on time and within budget,” the team highlights.

Today, Dream Constructions is at the forefront of the industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to provide turnkey solutions that cater to the diverse needs of their clients. From designing and building complex projects to delivering smart, efficient buildings, they are making a significant impact in the industry.

"We go to great lengths to ensure a delicate balance between quality, timeliness, technology, and trend is maintained. – Sushil