With outstanding awards and a growing stand in the market, DBL's humble beginnings in 1987 to a road-focused EPC leader in 2017, the journey is characterized by hard work, respect for relationships, and a drive to excel in anything they take up. Since conception, they have upheld the tradition of giving their best to all projects. DBL's value-centric delivery, execution process, and commitment to innovation have set the stage for the next phase of growth.

As the fastest-growing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company in India, DBL is aligning with India's growth vision. DBL is productively contributing by leveraging its execution process and engineering strengths. DBL can also nimbly capitalize on new opportunities uncovered on India's path to growth.

A determination & mission

DBL creates a fair and courteous environment for clients, employees, vendors, and society. The company delivers the best solutions to clients, provides complete transparency to DBL stakeholders, and broadens the activity base by diversifying into other infrastructure disciplines to sustain a healthy growth rate. The inspiring leadership at DBL has catapulted the company to eminence as one of India's largest independently owned EPC groups. DBL's success is enabled by its powerful execution capability, a proprietary fleet of 12,903 machinery and vehicles, and 37 793 employees using cutting-edge technology and innovation, such as Drone Monitoring, GPS Monitoring, and Safety Management.

DBL is proud to be recognized by global partners, industry bodies, and publications. Its association with the best globally has bolstered its track record in quality. The spate of awards DBL has received a testament to its quality work and exceptional industry reputation. DBL is thankful to its partners for conferring such high honors on the company and being a part of its journey.

A quality ecosystem

DBL's team of 800+ experts undertakes stringent quality checks at the material procurement, production, project execution, and maintenance stages. Regular quality control tests are conducted per site specifications, followed by an audit at the corporate level. DBL also ensures that proof checks are conducted at premier GOI technical institutions. Parameters include strength, durability, the life of the structure, riding quality, and longevity of the road. Decreasing environmental impact through innovations such as geo-greens is also a critical quality parameter. DBL has partnered with the best global fleet providers to ensure before-time execution. DBL purchases the entire fleet involved in projects.

DBL has shown a passionate commitment to supporting a safe culture, environmental sustainability, and high-quality execution for more than two decades. Their will to deliver only the best to all their stakeholders drives everything they do. With over 34,262 employees in-house, DBL is the largest employer in the Indian EPC sector. They hire and train employees and give them retainment benefits; in turn, they take ownership of their work and execute it to perfection.

DBL's prospective future

The quality DBL delivers its stories at length. Each of their projects goes through multiple quality checks to ensure that their clients and the clients' customers get nothing but the best. Innovation is at the heart of DBL's operations. They are keen to adopt new, innovative initiatives and use old technology in new ways. This openness has set them apart in the industry.

Drones and UAVs are emerging technologies to reduce project time, improve safety, and control project costs. UAV is used to collect engineering data at a construction site. With a high-quality camera and inbuilt gyro stabilization, the camera gives pin-sharp images and 4K videos. Drones monitor progress at the site, potential safety hazards, compute volume metric calculations, and keep pilferage and leakage under check.

Breaking an industry trend, DBL opts to build backward integration capability to control all elements of the 'Design, Build and Operate' cycle. Parnell Technocrafts, a DBL subsidiary, manufactures Geo Trel Mesh, Octagonal Pole, Metal Beam Crash Barrier, Guardrail, Road Signage, Scaffolding, RE Wall Mould, and Retroreflective Thermoplastic Paint. It ensures a steady supply of quality road furniture, lowering costs and project completion time.

George is an initiative taken by DBL for environmental sustainability and to protect the soil from either side of their roads from eroding. The road construction process displaces a lot of soil and loosens the earth, impacting the quality of land in the surroundings. To prevent this from happening, DBL plants thousands of trees and grows grass on dividers, beautifying the roads in the process.