Globally 60% of the supply chain is dependent on road transportation. Road transportation technology has a tremendous impact on global demand fulfilments, Technology can play a major role in customer retention. Building a strong and positive customer service experience is critical for the growth and success of your transportation business. Implementation of digital transportation technology can guarantee innovative services for positive customer experiences. We have already experienced the same with giant e-commerce platform.  

Let us understand how a lack of digital technology in transportation can contribute to poor results. Customer experience is defined as how customers interactions, executions are done, how periodic information & exceptions are shared, delivery damage free cargo, document submission, invoicing, and keeping customers’ customer happy without they chase for information with particular transportation company. As Logistics is communication business. The various interactions shape their perspective of the company. This focus is the driving force behind all decisions made in the daily operations of the transportations. Few things can cause as much damage to a transportation company’s reputation and name as negative experiences. 70% of customers said they do not have full visibility of their transportation operation which increases 30% cost due to last minutes decisions, lower profit margin and loss of sales. Poor customer experience can cause damage to the transportation company’s image.

Digital Transportation Technology can make your customers’ experiences positive. To make sure customer experience is in the positive direction and real-time proactive communications is the ultimate goal of transporters. Implementation of modern transportation technology allows team members to provide the best possible customer experience, including these core improvements: 

  • It provides real-time proactive alerts, tracking of cargo from booking, planning, execution to on-time deliveries and document submission.
  • Integrated with customer ERP or online booking platform.
  • Route and Load planning to optimize transportation cost and to improve physical loading process.
  • Workflow based transaction are processed, where it happens, with connected online system, which works on all devices helps to track & remind what’s next step and how much time available to handle the process.
  • Sync transportation process with your warehouse and accounting processes.
  • Auto calculation of freight rates using rate contract to make it quick and easy booking confirmations.
  • Real-time status updates to all the stakeholders with different communication channels like API, SMS, WhatsApp, Email and even Contextual Chat.
  • Real-time fleet tracking with GPS devices for own trucks, Mobile App for drivers and even SIM Tracking for market vehicles.
  • Single system for everyone to check up-to-date workflow-based progress and KPI to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Secure data sharing over secure network.
  • Improved response to issues that may arise due to fleet issues, documents, weather, traffic or other factors. 
  • Real-time online documents tracking for all the stakeholders includes Invoices, packing list, Consignment Note, Booking Confirmation, POD, Damage Goods pics and more.

Digital transportation technology helps transporters to make the most of every opportunity to give customers the positive experience. While it is important to incorporate digital transportation technology into all operations and accounting, it is equally essential to ensure that such technology and innovation are used effectively. Delivering above customer and industry expectations is the ultimate milestone that everyone strives to reach. Using digital transportation technology and innovative tools can help customers and transporters continually improve upon weaknesses and avoid delays.

Grow your transportation business with Digital Transportation Technology by implementing iFreightBox TMS. Value Innovative transportation technology can impact every aspect of the modern transportation business. Positive Customer experience is the ultimate success mantra, and a solid technological platform makes it that much easier to deliver the best possible results to customers.

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