In order to provide food for our expanding population, farmers spend a lot of time in the field and work closely with nature. Since it accounts for a sizeable portion of the GDP and employs the majority of the population, agriculture has long been a crucial sector of the Indian economy. Each state in India has its own unique agricultural practices and product preferences. A collective effort is needed to reorganize for the better. Numerous businesses have entered this market with their array of agro-gardening services and goods after realizing the significance of this collective effort.

The R&D division of Dhanuka has top-notch NABL accredited laboratories and collaborates internationally with seven of the top agrochemical companies in the world from the US, Japan, and Europe, which enables Dhanuka to introduce the latest technology to Indian farms. Dhanuka has three unique manufacturing facilities with well-equipped quality testing facilities in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and J&K. Gurgaon, which is approved by the Ministry of Science & Technology for producing scientific data and assessing novel chemistry, is where the R&D centre is situated.

Establishments & Achievements

R G Agarwal, Chairman

Dhanuka is present in every significant state in India thanks to its marketing offices. The 3 manufacturing facilities, which have 39 warehouses and a network of more than 8 branch offices spread throughout India, serve about 75,000 dealers and 6,500 distributors. With more than 1,000 techno-commercial employees, a strong R&D division, and a solid distribution network, Dhanuka is able to provide its goods and services to roughly 10 million Indian farmers.

One of the top agrochemical firms in India, Dhanuka Agritech Limited, is included in Forbes Magazine's list of the "200 Best Under A Billion Companies in the Asia Pacific." The Company is traded on the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Dhanuka has received numerous accolades and recognitions over the years, including Company of the Year (Agro Chemical Category) from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) during the 10th Biennial International Exhibition and Conference.

The footsteps to walk in

In order to secure national food security and to assist today's farmers in becoming tomorrow's agricultural leaders, the company believes in educating and disseminating new technologies through its innovative crop protection products and services. Dhanuka has made significant progress as part of our project, "Transforming India through Agriculture," toward realising the country's goal of "Doubling farmer's income by 2022."

R G Agarwal, Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech said, “I seek the prosperity of all our stakeholders and call for a holistic approach from the concerned to make India once again ‘Sone ki Chidya’ the Golden Sparrow of the world.”

The Roadmap

Dhanuka's goal of "Transforming India Through Agriculture" necessitates the adoption of the greatest technologies from around the world by the Indian farming community. As the dream's creator, Dhanuka is aware of his or her responsibility for seeing it through. The Company has partnered with the greatest technology companies in the world to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions to Indian agricultural areas. Dhanuka has technical relationships with Japanese, American, and European firms that assist the company introduce innovative chemistry.