Right from our daily purchases to commutes and transactions, technology has become an inseparable part of our lives, and has opened the door of opportunities for several tech startups as well. Amongst the spectacular number of start-ups rising in this space, Deuglo is a name worth mentioning. Established in 2015, the prime motto of the brand is to empower businesses through technologies that drive their commerce and growth. Apart from Mobile App Development, the company has honed its expertise in Software Development, Data Science, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Branding solutions. As a top-notch provider of products, services, and solutions, the company is revolutionising the way customers gather, manage, distribute and communicate information. 

Transforming the App Development Industry

Pallavi Baruah, CEO

With the capacity to scale business models and marketplaces, smartphones are the spine of digital media success. However, statistics show that more than 90 percent of the projects fail. Observing the severity of these failures, the Directors of Deuglo - Pallavi Baruah and Sujit Thakur steer beyond age-old processes and widen the application development landscape. They insist on focusing upon the speed and latency of data. “5G will be around 100x faster than 4G and the latency will also be reduced from 50 milliseconds to just 1 millisecond. Your backend application should be able to cope with this speed. This will open rooms for innovation and all the exciting ideas can turn into reality with 5G.” Sujit shares.

He further adds, “In order to transform the application industry, companies now should also focus on making apps compatible with foldable devices. With the rise of 5G, AR & VR is going to rule the market and we are looking to adapt to these innovations. From IKEA to L’Oreal and Lenskart, several companies including Apple, Google, and Meta are bringing innovations in AR & VR. This apart, companies should be equipped to make wearable apps. We as app developers and businesses should get ready with applications that provide an excellent digital experience to users of Smartwatches and wearables. Last but not the least, along with all contemporary strategies, it is crucial to building secure mobile applications.”

With dedicated in-house analysts and marketers, Deuglo never fails to stay at par with the market and business trends. Following the latest and involving in rigorous R&D, the company never misses taking chances to formulate the best strategies as per the experts' suggestions.

Leadership over Boss-ship

Sujit Thakur, Director

For all the growth and prosperity witnessed so far, Deuglo believes that that team has been a boon. Over the years, the company has ensured to onboard highly skilled and experienced professionals who are capable to handle problems and overcome them when stuck between the lines. By strongly believing the fact that a company that invests in its employees is investing in its success, Deuglo diligently invests in the growth of employees by encouraging them to learn and bring new ideas to that table. The team is ensured to stay trained and updated with regular workshops and newsletters.

Speaking of the team and the management, Pallavi Baruah says, “At Deuglo, no one is a boss. We are a team with well-defined roles and responsibilities and strive to have good leadership capabilities. We try our best to be good leaders by understanding that people are not minions; they are individuals with unique personalities, traits, and talents. As a leader, you must enjoy helping them and watching them succeed. Often bosses feel the need to control every action; they're micromanagers. But leaders know that their team will accomplish great things if they receive direction and support rather than control.”

Success Mantra

Deuglo's philosophy for long-term success has been to make sure that the team is well prepared with the necessary knowledge and motivation to enable success for clients. Staying true to the mantra “Our Clients’ Success is our Success”, the team members link the success of any product with themselves and put their vested interest into the same.

While offering the best possible to the clients, Deuglo looks forward to entering the AR and VR industry in the next few years. Moreover, the company envisions building an effective DIY platform for building innovative apps and making it fully open source to enable users to collaborate and innovate, helping the whole community.

At Deuglo, our client's success is perceived as our own success