BANKIT believes in delivering its services with a client's contentment and reliability. Whether it's the company's Agents or their customers, BANKIT has maintained transparency in its working module with an adequate balance between demand and supply chain. The company considers satisfying those associated with it in any manner, solving their issues instantly, and allowing them to grow and learn every day. BANKIT helps people own a livelihood, earn extra income, and encourages people to become entrepreneurs.

A Progressive Business Acumen

A business positively serves society. After witnessing the dilemma of people who couldn't get access to modernization, digitalization, and essential banking services, the idea of BANKIT appeared as a need of the hour. In a population of 1.25 crore, bank branches and ATMs are less than what is needed. Digital literacy and financial inclusion are still a dream for almost half of the Indian population. So, digitally backward people and migrant people needed basic banking and financial services at their doorsteps. Hence the founders of BANKIT came up with the concept of BANKIT where they could provide banking and financial services at utmost convenience and reliability. At the commencement of this business, the idea was to complete financial inclusion's demand and supply chain. Today, BANKIT can proudly proclaim that it fulfills people's demands of banking and financial services and creates entrepreneurs in every nook and corner.

A Thriving Mission to Help People Grow

BANKIT has its fruitful presence in every state of India. BANKIT provides banking, financial, and payment services to the illiterate, unbanked, and migrant people. Therefore, by engaging with the services that BANKIT delivers, customers are having easy, at the doorstep, timely, reliable, and convenient banking, financial, and payment services. Customers are saving their time, learning, and growing. People who take a day off to go to the banks to avail themselves of the services save the day's wage by having banking, financial, and payment services around the corner. BANKIT is updated with the latest technology. The latest trends in the industry are essential for both the employees and the company. The company's employees are the most significant asset, and BANKIT gives them exposure via updated training programs, conferences, etc.

Advanced USPs With Scaling Growth

The USP of the company's business glints in the services that BANKIT offers and the way services are delivered. The company's services aim to eradicate digital illiteracy that prevails amongst the people who live in rural, semi-rural, and urban areas. The company's business provides basic banking and financial services in the most innovative, helpful, and convenient way. BANKIT helps people who are illiterate, who find it difficult to visit a bank, fill out a form, and then avail themselves the banking services, or those people who don't have time to visit a bank because all the benefits that a person needs are made available at a single, local point of people's vicinity through BANKIT's multiple agents' network. All the services are available 24/7 with reliability. BANKIT makes sure that it retains the trust factor amongst the company's agents and the end-users.

The company's determination to eradicate digital illiteracy, retain trustworthiness and provide easy access to all the banking, financial, and payment services like money transfer services like Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), cash withdrawal services like Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS), and Mini ATM, one-stop bill payment services Utility Bill Payments, Prepaid Recharges, Travel and Stay Bookings, payment services like Prepaid Cards, FasTag, Cash Management Services, Aadhaar Pay, etc. will make clients approach the company's services in the future too.

Securing Sustained development through Innovative Technology

BANKIT is approaching the untapped markets and sectors. BANKIT has covered almost every area of financial inclusion for the unbanked, underbanked, and migrant population. However, the areas that still need upgradation in terms of digitalization will be in focus in the coming years for the expansion and growth of the company.

BANKIT onboard retailers/distributors in every part of India and equip them with the latest technology to conveniently provide their customers with all the services. Moreover, creating new customers is difficult but retaining the existing ones is even more difficult. However, BANKIT feels proud to proclaim that the company's business has been serving 2.4 million customers successfully. The customers associated with BANKIT who are not self-reliant can now benefit from basic banking and financial services at their doorsteps through the company's vast network of agents. BANKIT also sets goals of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of people, removing the digital gap that distinguishes digitally abled people and digitally backward people, and making banking and financial services reach every threshold. The company's mantra for sustained growth is to provide effortless services to the customers with convenience, reliability, and trustworthiness and promptly solving their problems.

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