Delhi, 13th December: DaveAI, a pioneering AI avatar-based sales experience platform, proudly announces the launch of Gryd, its latest innovation, at the prestigious Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) Summit held in Delhi, inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gryd represents a breakthrough in genAI middleware, empowering enterprises to securely deploy a variety of genAI applications, including digital human avatars, conversational AI, and advanced image/video content creation.

"Gryd is a game-changer for enterprises seeking to harness the power of genAI. It's not just a middleware; it's a gateway to innovation, efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences. We are proud to introduce Gryd at the GPAI Summit in the presence of our Prime Minister, reflecting our commitment to leading the AI revolution."

CEO of DaveAI, Sriram PH

Adding to the excitement, the CTO of DaveAI, Dr. Ananthakrishnan Gopal, highlighted Gryd's unique architecture, enabling businesses to train custom small language models tailored for specific use cases. This feature provides unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. "With Gryd, we are not merely providing a tool; we are offering a secure and scalable platform for enterprises to leverage the full potential of AI technologies. Gryd adopts a hybrid approach of Small & Large Language Models, setting a new standard in the AI landscape."

DaveAI's Gryd emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering enterprises a self-sufficient and secure environment to explore the frontiers of AI technology. In a rapidly evolving space, Gryd allows enterprises to not bet too early on one model or one service provider and be focused on their business outcomes. 

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