Flashback, designed with the nostalgia and exuberance of gleaming past recollections, expressly instils cherished bits of years gone by, underlining that 'there is something for everyone.' This multi-level club and bar, which spans 15,000 square feet, is a harmonious mix-bag of aspects that leave an indelible ink imprint on the interiors. While everyone has looked for the silver lining in the engulfing clouds, the design approach clearly portrays colourful streaks in a grey-toned theme, metaphorizing the project's name via creative intricacy.

Warm colour palette: The design creation is totally based on a venue that is relatable to a diverse spectrum of consumers from many walks of life. With the goal of creating a quirky setting with vibrant interiors, each component of the ambience tends to capture the visitor's attention. Thus, the design strategy aims to give guests a 'non-intimidating' setting that expresses its welcoming atmosphere through a warm colour palette and interesting graffiti.

Seamless Finishes: Create the lounge and bar areas that are quaintly distributed from the second floor to the terrace floor levels. The general mood of a small entertainment should be set up seamlessly, despite each floor having a separate aesthetic perspective. Every element of the structure should communicate the feeling of its interior, from the inception itself. This may be accomplished by utilising the same colour and material palette for each location so that the spaces do not look completely different from one another.

Double height interiors: The second story could be a double-height area that gives the entry a sense of magnanimity. The colourful epoxy floor coating can be used as it distinguishes the artsy bar zones from the calm lounge spaces. The bar should provide a vibrant concoction of experiences to consumers through a beautiful back-lit display. Use distinct elements like human graffiti scribbled on the wall that provides the room with an unusual appearance, while incorporating the wood and ambient lighting adds the necessary warmth. The use of mild steel frames and black tandoor flooring for the double-height pockets adds a re-defined feeling of modernism to the bar.

Subtle and comforting lighting: The remainder of the next level should be separated into mellow lounges with subdued yellow lighting to enhance the customer's comfort. These areas should be packed with copious amounts of wood, plainly presented as a component of the beautiful pinewood frames and the infused design, mirroring the grey tiled flooring in the soft furnishings.

Bright up the staircase: Staircases are the places that coil be used to creatively and playfully to add vivid elements to the design. As the design progresses towards the mezzanine and terrace stories, the intensified colourful mosaic pattern put throughout the walls is a perfect choice to add vibrancy to the ambience. It adds an element of illusion as an individual goes between floors, breaking up the monotony of the gloomy themed décor. The sense of energy should be sensitively represented through the use of various materials like timber massing and green wall installations, giving the linking corridors a more defined character.

Radiant flooring: The décor of the mezzanine floor should be identical to that of the second story, with a bar in colourful epoxy flooring and attractive mild steel framing. The ornate chandelier pattern on the ceiling, on the other hand, is what completes the lovely plan. The glass can also be used to serve the utilitarian components of acoustic treatment while also aiding in the creation of a visceral ambience.

Artistic dining spaces: When the user advances to the following level, the viewer should be provided with a more diversified selection of seating milieus and arrangements. The design composition should give a minor variety in taste, with the schema putting out indoor and outside dining places. The quaintly glowing area should feature a deck wood flooring and old light fixtures. The outdoor seating areas can incorporate bright colours like lit neon art on the walls, and should be paired with mild materials like steel frames with magnificent lighting hanging from them to form a showering 'host of golden lights.'

The top level of the building should feature two semi-open dining areas with luxurious touches. The ceiling should be illuminated by distinct lighting and can be decorated with three-dimensional art in vivid blue and yellow tones. The Flashback lounge's design is a pure consequence of a variety of compositional approaches ranging from peppy and naive to posturing for refined richness.

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