For more than a decade, Concrete Additives and Chemicals Private Limited (CAC) has established itself as a prominent player in the market. Within a short period, the company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of concrete admixtures, and chemicals for construction. CAC finds its niche in providing tailor-made solutions for concrete and cement. 

Satish Jaysankar, Managing Director

CAC has come a long way from where it all started. From being a fully integrated admixture company, has expanded its product range to Shotcrete Accelerators, Sealants, Crystalline admixtures, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing aids , Mineral Admixtures etc.

Currently, the company has an absolute pan-India presence with manufacturing plants in 4 regions , Mumbai , Chennai , Roorkee and Kolkata  , alongside international presence in Oman and UAE. Success Insights got in touch with Satish Jayasankar, the founder and managing director of CAC, to understand the developments in the construction additives market, and how his company is adding value in the space. 

Interview Excerpts:

Can you tell us Briefly about your Company?

CAC envisions a vital role in India’s growing construction industry and is committed to Honourable PM, Mr Narendra Modi’s initiative of Make in India. 

We are a preferred alternative today to MNCs and importers of concrete additives and construction chemicals. We manufacture the full spectrum of polymers all of which were earlier imported. Our integrated manufacturing facilities in strategic locations help us cater to customers across the length and breadth of the country. This along with our own fleet of specialised vehicles deliver compelling, efficient and competitive value to our customers. 

Today we serve customers across India, Middle East and Africa and is in the process of expanding to other global markets.

How do you view the market for construction chemicals in India?

The Indian construction sector and simultaneously the building materials sector of which construction chemicals is a subdivision, is rapidly growing in size and evolving in terms of technology. With a few lac crores set aside for Roads and Infrastructure in this 2022 budget there is no doubt cement and construction chemicals will see some real good days ahead.

The infrastructure construction segment has been witnessing an entry of a number of domestic and international players resulting in severe competition. Please Comment?

The Indian market size for the construction chemical category is huge and is rapidly growing, thus evoking interest from global players as well as from local ventures. 

The key to succeed is to understand the needs of the customer, drive a solution with product technology, agility in decision making and on time service.   

We have been working with these principles having a customer-centric focus at all times.

Have you developed any special competencies in construction chemicals? Elaborate this and also explain the factors that have contributed to your company’s growth in India?

Certainly, we have developed integral crystalline waterproofing, CAC Crystaseal and integral organic corrosion inhibitor CAC - Corrobit OCI that have been accepted globally over the recent years. 

Our water reducer and slump retention polymers that we make in-house have come out winners not only in India but also in Gulf Market which is a gold standard as far as building materials are concerned.

Our partnership with the largest concrete maker in Oman Al Tasmin Cement and Concrete Products LLC, uses a unique DIY model where they make the admixture in-house using our technology and key raw materials. 

We expect to expand this business model across the world there by executing a global growth for the company and the brand.

What are the new developments taking place in your company since inception?  Are there any plans to set up another facility in India or to enhance the installed capacity of current products?

CAC was established in 2008 as an extension of the parent company LRC founded in 1966. From being the first to manufacture Lignin in India the 1st generation concrete additive, we are also one of the earliest to diversify to make SNF on a global scale the 2nd generation concrete additive also one of the early ones to develop and build huge capabilities to make the 3rd generation concrete additives PCE . With capacities in exceeding 100000MTPA we are ready to serve the growing demand in India and Middle East regions.

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