Communication design in architecture is a whole new game, which is often overlooked by the design industry. Architecture is known to be a narrative in itself, but it has always been crucial to realising the need and value of communication in architectural practice. The paradox of the experienced players of the design industry operating in the contemporary world is the colossal role digital presence plays in modern architectural practice. Even for reputed names, it is a challenge to compete with the technological and social media proficiency of newer names that attract the clientele and eventually steer them to employ designers based on their viewer count. This drives the point home and highlights the importance of brand communication for the architecture industry.

Designers are in immediate need to communicate their values to the clients to withstand the competitive economy of their profession. Transforming into a successful brand from a successful design firm, remodelling the logo, changing the brand dynamics and writing a simple “about us” point the clients towards all the essential information they require to pick the firm out of all others. For instance, a firm that invests in developing an adequate website that presents the company portfolio scrupulously in addition to communicating its architectural style and services distinctly is bound to attract more clients.

If you do not speak for yourself, nobody else will. That is why communication design becomes more essential in the design industry. It helps in establishing a meaningful dialogue with the client as well as professionals in the field. From the firm’s logo to its social media posts, everything gives a true impression and understanding to everyone in practice.  Architectural magazines have a good number of viewers and lend architects the opportunity to express themselves through articles that reflect their ideas and values.

As every architect with reasonable experience will know, the architectural practice involves a definite amount of proficiency in marketing through communication design. An architect has to be adept at conveying their design, and knowing their way with words in order to win authority and particularly well travelled clientele. Advertising your work in various forms of virtual and print media has already become the norm these days. Showcasing your projects in an appropriate approach that resonates with people without leaving them in the labyrinth of technical jargon is a fruitful advantage. Communication, therefore, is an important talent to hone, because no amount of genuine practice will help without being able to properly convey your work.

One of the most significant strategies for speaking out to a larger audience is Social media. It is this century’s biggest boon which should never be underestimated. An architect or a designer should have a comprehensive social media engagement approach to attract more clients. LinkedIn, a professional platform can be used to position yourself as an expert in the field, while Pinterest can showcase a portfolio that makes people curious about discovering other designs by you. Social media platforms create a great market opportunity for budding, young or established architects to grow their firm’s brand.

Communication design is what will set you apart from the scores of other architects who are altogether attentive to the design details without stopping to consider the people who will occupy the space as their own. Since this profession is highly competitive and everyone in the industry is trying to up the ante, it is in your hands to stay alive in the game with an awareness of client needs and stand up for them. With technology advancing in leaps and bounds each passing year, architects and designers still need to hold the mantle of developing the world and making it a safer and more pleasant place to live in. Communication helps architects unravel the most humane aspect of architecture - its users. It unleashes the potential to understand the public voice, and also makes the public understand the dialogue of architectural elements in the very environment where they live and function in. In the digital era, excelling in design skills and working hard behind the four walls is not enough to make an architecture firm stand out. Communication design is a necessity to build a brand and impart an identity to your firm to remain exceptional amongst the sea of competitors.

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