In the new age economies and the world business mere WIN-WIN ideology became very basic minimalistic approach. It sometime becomes power game and subsequently deals are closed in the favour who has more power.

Jayesh Kadivar, Managing Partner, Tanish International

Why it is so? The concept is aimed at something for both sides. Eventually negotiations are of competitive nature.

At the heart of Collaborative approach – what we can achieve together?

That allows both sides to understand full capabilities of each other. Expanding the scope of partnership & leveraging full capabilities of each other. That bring on the table the projected enlarged scope of partnership that is otherwise as an individual out of the reach.

Collaborative relationship & discussions enable to draw maximum potential of partnership. Since it is achievable as collaboration the mutual gains are automatically assured & gains are maximized.

Collaborative relationship is built on trust and transparency, so everything is co-invested, co-developed; resulting in long lasting partnership.

In collaborative relationships we all work as one team. Discussions are open & objective oriented. Results are not only short-term gains but are also covering long-term benefits.

Challenges are mutually addressed and are not considered as card of negotiations.

Ultimately, no power positions & both sides value each other & survive on each other’s for generations.

Therefore, I strongly believe the collaborative relationships are the best and will be the way for all businesses (either small or big corporates, MNCs or local companies) across the world.

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