Decoding the strategies to customer experience and agent optimization with Workforce Engagement

Bengaluru, November 15, 2022: ClearTouch, a pioneering provider of a cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and financial services companies, today announced the addition Workforce Engagement, a new solution to its contact center platform. Workforce Engagement helps organizations optimize labour costs, streamline compliance and empower agents to make better point-in-time decisions to support business goals, with the help of automation, forecasting and scheduling, providing organizations with rich visibility and insight while revealing new operational opportunities to improve performance sustainably.

ClearTouch’s solutions are targeted towards covering the micro and macro management goals of optimizing each agent’s productivity and compliance via Workforce Optimization and maximizing the whole workforce via Workforce Management — blended in a single Workforce Engagement Suite fully integrated with ClearTouch’s Operator platform. To find out more about ClearTouch’s Workforce Engagement, please visit:

“Our Workforce Engagement solutions have been designed to integrate with our unparalleled cloud contact center platform,” said Uthaman Bakthikrishnan, Executive Vice President of ClearTouch. “As CX providers, we understand the importance of delivering a seamless experience powered by automation and optimization of agents, enabling us to empower businesses with enhanced customer service operations. Our technology increases customer satisfaction, reducing agent errors and helping strengthen customer interaction.’’

Key benefits and features of ClearTouch’s Workforce Engagement include:

Workforce Management:

  • FTE optimization
  • Steady occupancy
  • Minimized overtime
  • Accurate forecasts of traffic volume
  • Low abandon rates
  • Supervisor and agent portals

Workforce Optimization:

● Omnichannel recording

● Record multiple monitors

● Coaching and targeted Learning Opportunities

● Voice and desktop analytics

● Onboarding tools to ramp agents

● Full encryption at transit and rest

With the rapidly changing business and the advent of digital the age, the role of customer service centers in delivering superior CX is more important than ever before. When agents can do their job with more confidence, accuracy and efficiency, they can generate enhanced experience to customers. Workforce Engagement provides a fully customizable, organization-controlled management and agent evaluation toolset, including custom scorecard creation, empowering agents to handle customer interactions.

About the company:

ClearTouch, a pioneering provider of a cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and financial services companies. Since 2016, ClearTouch has grown its presence from Chennai to offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, with data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore as well as other data centers throughout the world, which provides the capability and agility to handle various client requirements. The company’s revenue has grown by more than 200% each year over the last three years while more than tripling its head count. To strengthen its services and improve customer experience, ClearTouch has worked closely with local partners such as many major Indian telecommunications companies. It currently serves various Indian companies and multinational businesses in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, banking and BPO industries.

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