Our nature is a solution to every problem. It may be either health or anything.  Every plant is having their own nutrient and medicinal properties and when the plant is consumed by animals it shows good effect on their health. In past years weeds are chemical free and villagers are generally using weed as animal feeds and is a good source of medicinal properties (e.g. phenolic compounds and alkaloids) and their residues are found in their milk and meat. So, it is better for human health. When humans consume their meat or milk it will show a direct effect on health because all nutrients will come in residual form in milk and meat. It will also protect health, immunity, and wellness issues.

Effect of Chemicals on Humans

In few years Indian population has increased largely and food availability has also become a challenge for human beings. Modernization is a challenge for nature because cow and buffalo population is decreasing very rapidly due to the space being adapted by modern equipments.

These days we are using various types of chemicals (e.g Herbicides/ insecticides/ fungicide and other non-degradable chemical substances) These are being used in agriculture sector for easy and better production. So, for herb control farmers need to control it with chemical, and for fungal and bacteriological protection challenges also increases. Everyday use of chemical is increasing in agriculture (village lifestyle). Where we expect nature to be very clean and pollution free.

A plant leaf having small number of residues on its surface may be weed plant or agriculture crop. If it is consumed by humans, there might be health issues or if it is consumed by animals, there will be an effect on meat.

Now this is a challenge

Under this scenario, the challenge is big if we go for organic and eco-friendly farming; we can control natural disasters as well as direct or indirect health issues. Because each and everything are related and closed to food change. If soil and plant will become unhealthy it will affect human beings. It also effect of termites, earthworms, birds, animals and so many organisms that are invisible last few years.

So as per the need for a better and easy lifestyle, we have challenges to control the pressure of natural wellness and healthy environments.

In a control condition, if you will use fewer chemicals that are not easily degradable it will take less or more time to degrade to a more biologically degradable and eco-friendly product in the case of pesticides, insecticides, and organic products. That one is acceptable and consumable in nature and convert into a natural form.

As per the current scenario, we are using multiple types of chemicals. This is alarming time control chemicals for humans and for nature. It will protect nature, nature will protect you.

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Dr. Devendra Kumar is the founder of “Agrinex Corporation” a fast-growing company. He believes in innovation and modernization in a safe and eco-friendly direction. He is a B.Sc and M.Sc in Biochemistry graduate and has published more than 30 research articles and research papers in National and international generals.

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