An Eminent Establishment-

Ashapura Group of Industries, an Indian conglomerate, pioneers the field of Industrial Minerals with its rich legacy of over six decades and has carved a niche for itself in today's world.

The versatile experience emanating from crude ore to speciality value-added segments is the group's hallmark. Headquartered in Mumbai with global footprints, overseas resource development & mineral processing facilities spanning the world's continents has stepped further into diversification of Building Materials and Construction Chemicals.

Shri Chetan Shah, Chairman

CETCON Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Certified Company that displays 100% authentication. CETCON India is one of the most authentic companies in India in the field of building materials.

India's fast-growing construction chemicals manufacturing company CETCON Building Technologies Pvt Ltd is now a ​​CRISIL Rated company that checks an SME's credibility and trustworthiness.

A flourishing Product-centric company-

CETCON Chemical Evolution Technology for Construction, an ISO 9001: 2015 company, has a varied product basket offering a wide range of products such as Wall Care, Cementitious Tiles Adhesives, Waterproofing & Repairs very meticulously and strategically being manufactured which includes: CETCOAT, CETPLAST, CETFIX, CETCRETE, CETPROOF, CETCRACK, CETPATCH. With a rich legacy of over six decades, the Ashapura Group of Industries, an Indian multinational, pioneered the field of Industrial Minerals and has made a space for itself in today's globe. CETCON India is well rigged for Wall Care furnishings. The company's wall putty is a polymer modified white cement based wall putty, specially developed as a finishing coat to cover up the significant undulations and pinholes to level the surface.

With advanced waterproofing techniques, CETCON India has a resistant acrylic co-polymer dispersion with extraordinary favourable characteristics when as a polymer component in hydraulically setting mortars. CETCON India has Cementitious Tiles Adhesive with Polymer modified cement-based powder that needs to be mixed with water for installation tiles on the wall & floor for new construction. CETCON India is well-equipped with enhanced Repair & Restoration, and Polymer modified ready to use powder with selected additives for crack filling and seepage.

CETCON's beloved Chairman - Chetan Shah is a Management Graduate and has been associated with the group for the last 42 years. Under his guidance and tutelage, the Ashapura Group has metamorphosed from a single product – single location company into a multi-mineral solutions conglomerate spread over 8 countries across the globe offering more than 120 products. Globally, Ashapura is a preferred supplier of more than 10 million tons of minerals to over 70 countries.

Chetan Shah is a perennial source of inspiration for the Group’s 2,800+ employees. Ashapura has greatly benefited from his inclination to share his dreams and their fruits with all the group’s stakeholders.

Chetan Shah is a perennial source of inspiration for the Group’s 2,800+ employees. Ashapura has greatly benefited from his inclination to share his dreams and their fruits with all the group’s stakeholders.

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Prominent Services with extensive care-

CETCON India has a spectrum of products that covers brands CETCRETE, CETCOAT, CETPATCH, CETPLAST etc. and many more items. CETCON revaluates and strives hard to attain the utmost contentment of customers. The company always keeps on adding the best in their product portfolio.

CETCON understands its customers' needs and is the first company in India to introduce "How to use" instructions in 10 different regional languages on our packing material for the convenience of the applicator and end-user. Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya.

CETCON has experienced Professional Specialists who exist in being a quality-goaded organization, and CETCON does not make any compromise with the quality of our products.

Policies have made CETCON the preferred choice of vast clients with an extensive distribution network and ethical business. CETCON believes in being the best promoter and exporter in our Field.

CETCON ensures extensive safety and security at its production unit. All the latest machinery and cutting-edge tools are installed that enable the company to undertake the ample orders of its clients and provide them with the same in a committed time limit.