CenturyPly has been the front-runner in applying innovation at work. This simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of all its processes and technologies. It has led the company to design and deliver contemporary lifestyle statements that have become synonymous with modern living. Its award-winning products have been redefining Indian reality and bringing about a paradigm shift in the concept of living spaces. Century Plyboards (India) Ltd. the mother concern, came into existence in 1986. Since then, the company has taken giant strides and is today, the largest seller of multi-use plywood and decorative veneers in the Indian organised plywood market.

As the pioneers in Borer Proof Plywood and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Decorative Veneers and Laminates in India, the company has successfully created a niche in the highly competitive lifestyle segment. By giving more freedom to its users, the brand ensures they have more choices available that will help them achieve what they desire. They are continuously working on new product concepts for today's informed and discerning buyer – offering maximum choice to try out numerous permutations and combinations.

How Centuryply stands as one of the best in the industry

Sanjay Agarwal, Co-founder

CenturyPly is the unprecedented choice of architects and interior designers – they strongly recommend its products for transforming ordinary steel and concrete structures into expressions of one's personality. From flexible plywoods that offer a unique blend of form and functionality to specially treated, Fire Retardant plywoods that find use in a myriad of construction purposes, it has the right products to target different building needs. Now in its 26th year of operations, CenturyPly enjoys a unique brand identity as the market leader, with offerings that are considered industry benchmarks. It is guided by a simple philosophy of adding more value-for-money products and at the same time, improving upon its existing product portfolio through extensive research and customer feedback.

CenturyPly has also had a successful run at the box office by associating itself with meaningful cinema and it seeks to strengthen its association over the coming years. As an aspirational, premium lifestyle brand, CenturyPly believes in perseverance, willpower and determination. They constantly communicate their identity amongst a larger audience through the medium of the moving arts. CenturyPly has collaborated with movies that show the undying human spirit, and its indomitable willpower and propagate noble causes like the Right to Education. By doing so, CenturyPly brings forth its relentless pursuit of excellence and the will to succeed against all odds. Notable social welfare initiatives like "Education for all" seek to educate children of its factory workers as well as adjacent areas, absolutely free of cost.

History of the Century

Sajjan Bhajanka, Co-founder

Century Plyboards (India), incorporated in 1982, is a thriving–known manufacturer of plywood and decorative veneers. The company was formed by Sajjan Bhajanka and Sanjay Agarwal. The manufacturing facility of the company is located at Bishnupur near Joka, Kolkata. Century Plyboards is the largest seller of plywood and decorative veneers in the Indian organised plywood market. It became the first company to receive ISO 9002 certification for its quality management under veneer and plywood. In the year 2002, Centuryply introduced Flexoply, the only flexible plywood variety.

Since its inception, the company has introduced various products such as boiling water resistant decorative veneer, seven-year powder-proof guaranteed PF plywood, non–leachable fire-safe plywood, architect ply and a fantasy range of decorative veneer.

The business of creating surfaces which are witness to everyday moments of joy and happiness

The company markets its products under the brand name ‘Centuryply’. It commenced production of its laminate plant in the year 2004. Century Ply also started manufacturing ‘Centuryply Mica’, which is one of the flagship brands. The company's subsidiaries include Cement Manufacturing Company (CMCL), Megha Technical & Engineers (MTEPL), Auro Sundaram Ply & Doors (ASPDPL) and Star Cement Meghalaya (SCML). Centuryply exports its products to 20 countries including UAE, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Switzerland, among others.