Single-use plastic products, including disposable cups, have contributed significantly to the global plastic waste crisis. These items often end up in landfills, oceans, or incinerators, causing environmental pollution and harming marine life.

Hiren Patel, Director

The Carma Paper Cup is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cups. It is made from responsibly sourced paper and features a plant-based bio-plastic lining, making it compostable and biodegradable. This innovative design allows the cup to be disposed of in composting facilities, minimising its impact on the environment.

Established in 2014, Carma Paper Cup is a paper cup manufacturing company that started with the aim of creating a greener tomorrow. Based in the heart of the city of Morbi, Gujrat, the company envisions a greener nature and environment through product innovation and improvement.

The company offers their customers the best services from product delivery to product creation.

Due to their commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, they have a long list of happy customers throughout PAN India.

The hard work that goes behind

The company was started by a few mechanical engineers with the hope to bring in a replacement for plastic across the country. Looking back through the years, the idea which started with limited resources and only one machine, is now making its mark all around the globe. "Our company initially started with an office of 200 sq feet and only one machine. At that time, the production of the cups was limited to small sizes. We started bringing variations in the sizes of the cups, initially and also implemented two more machines.  We increased the size of our place as our demand grew in the market over the years. We started introducing customised products for our customers in 2017, and in 2019-20 our company started exporting around the globe and manufacturing export-oriented products. We have managed to acquire the range of products as demanded by the UK and US markets in the recent years. Currently, we plan on expanding our company by creating another segment which focuses on the biodegradable products and which are hundred percent compostable at the same time." says Hiren Patel, Founder, and Director.

Innovation with Cups

Carma Paper Cups offers a wide range of products keeping in mind its utility in various beverages and market demand. The products vary from ripple paper cups, double wall paper cups, embossed paper cups, single wallpaper cups, ice-cream cups, and sipper lids. Single wall paper cups and ripple cups are mainly used while pouring hot beverages into them. The ripple paper cups can also be classified based on different sizes starting from 130 ml, 180 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, and 360 ml. It also comes in various colors like black, brown, blue, and red giving options to the buyers to choose from. The single wall paper cups are also available in different sizes starting from 130 ml to 600 ml. The double wallpaper cups segment is used for pouring cold beverages like shakes and ice creams. It also comes in different sizes and colours such as brown and white. The embossed paper cup with its unique design and texture adds variation to the product range. Lockable sipper lids and paper bowls are also available in their products segment.

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A Futuristic Vision

The company's vision is to persuade consumers to switch from plastic to sustainable products. The Carma Paper Cup was initially implemented to replace plastic cups. Their facilities are maintained following ISO standards, and the paper used to create their products is 100% food-grade paper. “The quality of our product is maintained by the highest standard paper that is used to make the cups which are also food graded. This makes our product unique and sustainable in its own way. The high technological machinery also helps us to maintain the standard quality of our products”, Hiren Patel, Founder, and Director.

In 2023, Carma Paper Cup has been recognized as a company that will be 80% export-oriented. By enhancing and innovating their products, they hope to green the environment and the natural world. The company's most recent objective is to develop a market that is sustainable and ecologically friendly and to replace the use of plastics with biodegradable and compostable goods.

"By choosing Carma paper cups, consumers and businesses actively contribute to minimising plastic waste, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting a more sustainable future."