On Sunday, automotive supplier Bosch must eliminate up to 1,500 jobs at two of its German locations by 2025 in order to adjust workforce levels to shifting demand and technological advancements in the car industry.

The weekly trade publication Automobilwoche broke the initial news of the workforce reductions.

"Like other companies, we have to adjust the level of employment to the order situation, structural changes in the drive sector and the market penetration of future technologies," a spokesperson for Bosch said in e-mailed comments.

"We see a need to adjust up to 1,500 personnel capacities in the areas of development, administration and sales in the Drives division at the Feuerbach and Schwieberdingen sites by the end of 2025."

Bosch stated that it was engaging in discussions with the works council regarding specifics and that it was attempting to do this through voluntary redundancy agreements, early retirement, and staff relocations to other departments.

"We are facing significantly greater challenges than expected at the beginning of the year ... Even if we want to maintain our employment level as best as possible with new products and a wide range of training measures, we will have to adjust this to the order situation in some areas," Bosch said.

Bosch affirmed that, through the end of 2027, the business would not impose forced layoffs at its mobility facilities in Germany.

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