The Times are changing and so are the demands and needs in the business environment. Post the COVID era there is an air of uncertainty in the global business scenario and businesses needs to be dynamic and be able to constantly match up with the constantly changing demands in the market. Dynamic organisations have either already OR ore in the process of adopting Business Management Process (BPM) in order to keep them abreast with the demands of efficiency and cost effectiveness from the market. In the recent times business process management services is valued as the need of the hour and the PBM demand has witnessed a spike in demand.

Business process Management (BPM) is a tremendous challenge in most of the organisations, specially the ever-growing SME sector. Most of such growing business owners see it as an expense or presume its only for the massive Business processes or large industry. They seldom see it as an investment for improving efficiency, controlling cost and catalysing the growth. Whereas the truth is, BPM is critically important no matter what the size of the business or industry is.

Business process management (BPM) is the discipline in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. Any combination of methods used to manage a company's business processes is BPM.

Business process management (BPM) is an organizational stratagem where a company takes a a pause, looks back and looks at all of its processes in individuality and in total. It analyzes the current state extensively and identifies scope of enhancement to create a more efficient and effective organization.

At the global level , BPM industry has projected itself as a driving force and has exhibited

As the global powerhouse, the Indian BPM industry has exhibited rapid evolution in terms of expanding their vertical and exploring new segment of markets offering a considerably wider spectrum of services over the years. The unique ability to deliver enterprising solutions through multi-dimensional and valuable services have thrived as a disruptor in today's business world.

The changes in the way business is down have revolutionized the way Business management is perceived in this recent times. Every dynamic and growing organisation fundamentally want a method where in can put less and get more output. The process of doing business have changed.  Gone are the days when strong men are the only decision makers either they were Business Owners or appointed Business heads, it has now moved from people driven organisation to process driven organization.

Unorganized Structure and  businesses with poor Business Process Systems can lead to pandemonium. Its practically impossible for people to the impact of lack of processes and procedures at an individual level, only a rare few can track the impact of process, where it starts and where it ends, and the critical data that’s required to assess to identify the inefficiencies, incompetency’s and the potential bottlenecks.

Though the technology is well advanced in the BPM sector with the availability of several software solutions to effectively manage the BPM Process to complement and catalyse the manual effort required in the industry, the critical question here is, will the technology , robotics, Artificial Intelligence take over the BPM service space..?

The obvious response is ‘NO’ it's very unlikely yet that Software Programs and AI will be a supporting tool to bring about an efficient change management system. To arrive at an effective solution, a right mix of technology and human intervention is desired. Optimizing the use of technology and re-skilling the workforce to meet and triumph over the technological challenges will ultimately result in getting Through the Stormy Weather Initially, BPM was not considered by small and medium enterprises as an acceptable service providing agency. The challenges to sustain, survive and grow in the exremely competitive market segment proved to be an uphill battle All this was taking place and the organisations across all domain had realised the importance of experts guiding, helping and directing them in the right way. In-order to achieve their organisational and business oriented goals, following the traditional methods would prove to be obsolete.

Progressive steps in the right direction at the right time will be the key to success for the Indian BPM industry to further strengthen and be the backbone for the growing and progressive industries.

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Shashi Nair

A Post Graduate in Management Worked as a professional for over 20 years with various organizations including MNCs & Leading Indian Corporates.

Amassed Knowledge and expertise through the work experience working at different positions (Executive – to-CEO).

Shashi Nair now runs his own BPM company by name Integral Interface Management Consultancy LLP since 2008 , providing Business Process Management & Consulting Services coupled with skill development training.

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