As the Indian fenestration industry is heading towards a new growth journey with more players setting up their manufacturing facilities and marketing offices for introducing technical advancement and raising the quality and aesthetics parameters in the Indian market. Over the last 15 years and so, the infrastructure growth is reaching new heights with modern and innovative products associated with the infrastructure industry establishing their strong position in the market. These products not only contribute to the aesthetics and functional applications but due to their sustainable material and production procedures, they have become the highlight of the industry. These systems are not only bringing technology changes to the industry but also organizing the highly unorganized Indian fenestration industry with awareness programs at the consumers end. More and more end customers are now aware of the advantages these systems bring in their lives. These modern windows and doors are technically advanced systems, they are durable and does not require high maintenance cost, once installed they remain intact in terms of functionality and aesthetics for years.

The reasons behind the success of these systems are:

  • Contemporary designs suits to modern architecture with colour options, their insulation properties and usage of special glazing helpful in maintaining the indoor climate cozy and comfortable be it summer or winter.
  • Tight sealing of these systems provides no space for air or water leakage hence keep your interiors dust and water leakage proof.
  • Professional fabrication and installation are also helpful in achieving sound insulation and thus work as a barrier against unwanted outside noises entering your home. If we see the Western and other developed countries, these systems contribute to 80-90% of the overall market share.
  • Similarly, in India, we have been witnessing a promising growth due to growing awareness towards product and sense of responsibility towards the environment as these products conserve the nature and promote sustainability.

Now as the country is focusing on increasing its export revenue to strengthen the Indian GDP, exports plays an important role. As a market leader of the fenestration industry, profine India, a 100% owned subsidiary of profine GmbH has taken initiatives of gearing up its production capacity to establish its position in the export market. The company has already made business partners in Middle East, South Asian countries and South East Asian Countries to supply its wide range of systems. The German fenestration giant profine GmbH has a global reputation of manufacturing and supplying these advanced window and door systems to more than 100 countries across the globe. With the state of the art manufacturing facility in India, the Indian subsidiary has taken a lead to take care of the demand from Middle East and South and South East Asian countries. By doing so, Indian subsidiary is not only growing its business territory but also putting India on a map of export hub nations.

Another contribution by exporting these advanced window and door systems, the company would also contribute to creating further employment in the country. As we all know exports are one of the essential drivers for an economy to grow, the company is also contributing towards the countries objective of making India an export hub. As far as fenestration market is concerned, hardware, window and door export shipments were done from world were 5.37 lacs by 1.6k world exporters to 3.7 k buyers, out of which most were from UK, United States and Australia. If we further see this data Top 3 exporters were: India at 1st place with a total 4.82 lac shipments, followed by China with 30 k and Italy with 11 k shipments simultaneously. (These stats are based on the report by Volza's Export Import data of Hardware door window, sourced from 70 countries export import shipments with names of buyers, suppliers, top decision makers' contact information like phone, email, and LinkedIn profiles.)

The situation looks promising for fenestration Industry in India, as there is a huge scope of export opportunities in the Middle East and part of Asian countries due the huge infrastructure development taking place in the countries. We as an Industry leaders have bigger responsibility to meet the demands from these countries and set new standards of success for emerging and growing export hub for the world in India.

About Author

Farid Khan, Director and CEO, Profine India responsible for South Asia and Middle East business operations, has 25 years of experience in diverse industries serving in India and the Middle East.  He had been associated for over a decade with leading public sector organizations in promoting MSME  products in overseas markets. A guiding force to reckon with in the u-PVC windows and doors industry in India.  With the brand “Koemmerling”, he has been instrumental in establishing the footprints of Profine GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of u-PVC profiles by forming the Indian subsidiary and setting up of local state-of-the-art extrusion facility in Vadodara, Gujarat. He did not stop there, in 2017 he took one step further by venturing into the aluminum window and door system and launched the brand “AluPure”, which has become a well-known name in the fenestration industry.

Under his leadership profine India with its brands Koemmerling and AluPure is having further exponential expansion plans. He is focusing on establishing India as the hub for export opportunities due to its strategic geographical location.

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