According to the recent Economic Times report on global cyber crimes, cyber attacks alone have costed the country a whopping Rs.1.25 lakhs per year. Especially with the increase in government campaigns such as Digital India by the Indian government that are encouraging SMEs to take their businesses to the next level in the digital realm, it has become extremely imperative for them to ensure the highest level of security, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of their business, process, and customer related data. Furthermore, they must also make sure that their digital systems are not compromised and being used for malicious purposes. This is where Baknet Cyber Solutions comes into picture to assist these businesses not only in the Indian market but also globally to secure their information assets so that they can focus on building their core business further.

Today, Baknet outclasses as a one-stop-shop that provides the latest cyber security intelligence and testing solutions to its clients with a deep-rooted understanding of the latest compliance ecosystem & requirements, IT Security and Information Assurance. As a part of its continuous growth, the company assures not just security for its clients, but also quality of the software and information systems.

About the Mastermind

Ramandeep Singh Bakshi, Founder

Ramandeep Singh Bakshi is the beloved Proprietor & Principle Cyber Security Consultant of Baknet Cyber Solutions. He is a highly qualified and experienced Information Security professional with a double Master’s degree as well as experience of working professionally in the UK, UAE and Indian markets. All through this journey, he has been highly successful in bridging the gap between software and IT infrastructure which is growing at a very fast pace in India while addressing the inherent need to ensure the security and integrity of the network and digital information that is being generated as a result of that massive growth.

With multiple years of experience in the international cyber security industry serving organizations and clients across the globe, Ramandeep has developed a niche expertise in Information Security, Data Privacy, Application Security, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Network Security Assessment, Infrastructure Configuration Reviews, Source Code Reviews and Secure Coding Practices, ITGC review, IS Audit, ISO27001 assessment, PCI-DSS compliance assessment, and GDPR compliance assessment. While working across these areas of expertise, he was closely associated with various clients in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector as well as the IT/ITES industry.

Ramandeep also has received recognition from Govt. of India (NCIIPC) for discovering and ethically reporting several cyber security vulnerabilities in different information systems under various government organizations. He has also co-authored the eBook – “WannaCry Ransomware: Crowd Source Intelligence” published by CM Alliance (UK).

Commenting about the current cyber security realm in India, Ramandeep asserts, “It is our belief that in today’s world where going digital is almost mandatory for businesses to scale and grow, it is a no-brainer that all businesses, irrespective of their size or budget, are potential targets of cyber-attacks. This is because these businesses, their partners, vendors, customers or just information about any of these might be a key asset that cyber criminals may seek to exploit. This might include critical business information in some cases, or personal information related to employees or customers in others. The result of such cyber-attacks could be devastating for enterprises, especially the SMEs as it might lead to huge financial and reputation losses, and in some cases additional scrutiny and possible legal trouble as well”.

The COVID-19 Era

After the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, Baknet believes that a huge number of security risks have popped up while a large percentage of corporate users have started working from outside the corporate network. This means that data which was earlier considered to be staying within the network has been more exposed, thereby increasing the Cyber Risk Exposure for the corporates. Eventually, a major risk for the SMEs has been created here as most businesses in this segment are not equipped, either in terms of manpower, corporate IT infrastructure or finance to handle such massive cyber risks, and more importantly the threats that these risks pose in case they get exploited.

It is here Baknet Cyber Solutions has been making great strides by offering clients with effective controls to minimize their Cyber Risk Exposure with transparent pricing. This way the clients can stay focused on their core business instead of worrying about cyber security costs or the liabilities that a cyber-attack or their exposure to cyber risk may pose.

Since the start of 2022, Baknet Cyber Solutions has been creating a wide range of Quality Assurance and Big Data management services. The company is also well-poised in a phase of great potential growth in the year 2022 with an aim to increase its presence directly, and through strategic partnerships in international locations like the Middle East, UK, Europe, and Canada. Most importantly, Baknet is looking at becoming a truly global brand that resonates with Cyber Security, Software Quality and Data-driven Intelligence!