AI has been around for a while. The advent of Gen-AI brought it to the fore, presenting the potential to carve the next decade of innovation for the world. Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprises will have deployed generative AI-enabled applications by 2026. Today we are only scratching the surface by providing abilities to read documents, provide summaries etc. In its full bloom, gen-AI will enhance productivity in every part of the business. For all of this to become a reality, the Quality of generative AI has to get to production-grade, costs have to come down, and performance has to improve.

With the employee experience (EX) being added to the CIO’s charter alongside CX, the HR tech awaits a revolution. DX tools like digital adoption platforms (DAPs), with intuitive guidance in the flow of work, will drive the change in how employees engage with digital tools. The amalgamation of AI with the innovation concept of userization —making technology user-savvy, and unburdening the employees to become tech-savvy— is key in aligning with the broader shift of technology from cohorts to unique-user needs.

All the innovation will still need analytics to elevate the product and EX as well as CX by deciphering unique user behavior and feedback, providing strategic insights for informed decision-making. Embracing these tech shifts necessitates addressing the human side, emphasizing upskilling to navigate the digital age. Security-wise, 2024 demands vigilant measures against evolving cyber threats, with AI-driven detection and stringent data privacy practices at the forefront.

At Whatfix the union of userization and AI revolutionizes user experiences and efficiency across applications. Our human-in-the-middle approach ensures that AI complements and does not compete with humans offering businesses and IT leaders greater control. In 2024, AI and the workforce will continue to strengthen their dynamic partnership exemplifying the possibilities of responsible and inclusive technological integration, charting a future where humans and intelligent machines flourish side by side.”

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