Aloke Sengupta, Founder

The Kolkata-based ASG Leather Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as ASG & Associates, began operations in 1998. They began, albeit in a modest way, with a dream to one day be among the leading producers and suppliers of quality Leather Goods & Accessories in India after recognising a demand for high-end, high-quality leather goods and accessories on both the domestic and international markets.

They are delighted to say today that they have come a long way toward attaining their dreams, which is quite visible in their current level of activities throughout India and around the world. They cherish the long-term desire to excel in their hearts.

ASG and its International Collaborations

Being a reputable company in the production and export of high-quality leather goods, they have the privilege of being a member of prestigious international trade organisations like The Council of Leather Exports, Chennai.

Having a team of diligent professionals behind them who persistently endeavour to put their experience, knowledge, and resources to use in order to provide consumers with complete customer satisfaction, whether it be in terms of quality, upholding delivery dates, or cost. Thus, the company's motto at ASG is nothing less than 100% client approval and contentment.

Their skilled designers are constantly creating new designs for them. Additionally, they produce custom designs and models for customers abroad. One of the top producers and exporters of high-quality leather products and accessories, ASG Leather Pvt. Ltd. has been active in the leather goods industry since 1985. They are a group of professionals in the city of Kolkata who consistently use their experience, knowledge, and resources to work with High-Tech infrastructure in accordance with the current socio-economic and industrial scenario, as well as the modern marketplace run under the banner of ASG Leather Pvt. Ltd.

The Company's Line of Goods and Services

Along with being reasonably priced, the company's entire line of goods also meets or exceeds all international quality standards. The corporation purchases its raw materials from entities with which it has long-term associations. Their current production capability is between 25,000 and 30,000 pieces of leather goods and various trimmings each month. Each and every Bag from ASG's Basket displays the care, attention, perfection, and precision that they at ASG always keep an eye on, from concept to collection of Core Raw Material to final design, they care for their worthy customers' approval, and finally the end product that reaches the most sensitive consumer's hand or shoulder. Because of this, they have a large number of satisfied consumers outside of India, including several important traditional clients in western nations.

Extremely high quality leather products are part of ASG Leather Pvt. Ltd.'s product line, and they are represented by the numerous categories listed below. Each item is meticulously handcrafted to style and elegance by the most meticulous designers and craftsmen of ASG, keeping in mind the daily needs of today's busy men and women of every age and preference. Each item is a perfect blend of Value and Utility.

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