How often do you take the time to really look at the intricacies of the building you reside in or your favourite hotel courtyard? The world is no stranger to sublime architectural demonstrations both antique and modern. It’s unfathomable how centuries of masonry and related disciplines haven’t corroded the ingenuity and originality of the design definitions implemented in architecture. Over the years every design style branched from or into architecture has reflected relatively more than the creative tendencies of the practitioners. Many a time the political, social, economic and general consensus have dictated the relevance of certain design elements in a building without posting practical motivation on the back burner.

Architecture as a craft is associated with diligence in practice and assimilating existing information to curate designs that capture the integrity of the structure. For a bystander, the concept of architecture and design could be as monotonous as mixing building materials to construct an operational, fairly appealing building which meets its basic requirements. On a closer look, however, it presents an elaborate faculty that prerequisites meticulous knowledge about every component connected to the design and building industry. The testament of a designer’s command over their craft is reflected in the results they incessantly produce. For instance, Courtyard by Marriott, Shillong designed by Ar. Anil Badan of Studio B Architects illustrates the concise implementation of design elements along their parameters. The hotel recounts the deliberation in design decisions that makes it a treat for the patrons and architectural enthusiasts. Similarly, Radisson Blu at Karjat employs a nuanced confluence of Indian and Thai architectural elements on the roofs and various interior spaces.

One of the most evident declarations of a hospitality designer’s experience and dexterity is how right it feels. In addition to serving its intended purpose, the judgement to use appropriate building materials according to the terrains of the region, weather conditions, guest demographics, sustainability factors, evergreen design elements, safety regulations etc. all come into play to determine the distinction of the designs.

Studio B Architects are known for delivering marvellous quality in architecture and design and revere the rules of immaculate execution which projects the extensive experience of Ar. Anil Badan translating his design prowess into structures of monumental stature.

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About Author

Starting with humble origins, Ar. Anil Badan has successfully established his firm’s name in the spectrum of hospitality projects. Taking on big-name clients, Studio B has quickly climbed the social ladder, and it is all due to the efforts put in by Ar. Badan. Working conscientiously around the clock, he has strived to make his entrepreneurial venture a highly successful one, owing to his penchant for creativity and innovation.

Hailing from a small town in Jammu, Ar. Anil Badan always had a strong affinity for anything and everything related to design. He did his schooling in Jammu and Kashmir. In order to study architecture, he traversed the length of India to land in Kerela for his B.Arch. The path to attaining education was not easy as there was always a language problem for him during his college days. However, with constant hard work and dedication, he was able to overcome the linguistic barrier as he soon became proficient in conversing and understanding English and Malayalam. In his third year, he was able to land an internship at S.D Sharma and Associates in Chandigarh. Subsequently, he moved to Delhi in order to know the design and architecture industry inside out.

In his quest to become a true connoisseur of design and architecture, he had struggled a lot in the early days of his career. As he could not rely on his family for any sort of financial support, he started to look for jobs. His first job was not very high paying; therefore, he had to find other part-time or freelance opportunities. As he scaled in this industry, his pay increased with other jobs he took up, which made surviving in a foreign place relatively easier. At the same time, he had a strict thinking pattern where he would not take up paltry jobs – he wanted to make a big impression on the industry, and therefore, he would only take up opportunities that would favor him in the future.

After working at a renowned company for five and a half years, Ar. Badan was finally decided to start his own firm. But unlike other firms, he had no financial backing, and as he had recently gotten married, he was also in an economic crunch. However, all hope was not lost as he was referred by a friend to design and construct the first nightclub in Kolkata – Cloud Nine. The construction of this place was highly successful, and after that, he got another referral to work with a gentleman in Varanasi. In the age before technology, Mr. Badan stayed up for five nights to hand-draw 3D renders and layouts for this client. The hotel constructed ultimately became Ramada Plaza in Varanasi, a five-star hotel. The next opportunity Mr. Badan got was through a competition, where he had to compete against other famous designers. He was also able to land the interiors for Dynasty restaurant in Gurugram. As his firm gained traction, he was neck-deep to land other projects as well through competitions. Now, the third hospitality project that was presented to him paid him to showcase his ideas among the high rollers of the interior design industry in Mumbai. The showcase was at the old Leela in Mumbai, and Badan was able to secure the project, which was based in Dubai. This was the turning point in his career where he was finally getting recognized for his dedication towards the craft.

In all his projects, he has a simple approach to design. As he believes in designing for the people and the masses, all these structures have to be accessible and easy to navigate by one and all while being easy to maintain and remarkable.

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