Metaverse is becoming the new buzzword in the industry. Aditya Narayan, CEO of Vieroots and son of the iconic entrepreneur and wellness evangelist  Sajeev Nair, is venturing into India’s 1st Metaverse for Health and Wellness – Limoverse. The eco system is built on blockchain technology. The global Metaverse market is forecasted to hit nearly $42 billion globally by 2026, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Vieroots is one of the emerging stars in the Indian health and wellness sector. Brainchild of the iconic entrepreneur and pioneer of Indian Biohacking, Sajeev Nair and led by his son Aditya Narayan. Vieroots has transformed the lives of many through their interventions in the health and wellness domain. They are into extensive research in the field of Epigenetic Lifestyle Management and Human Longevity.  Aditya Narayan wants to take it to a new dimension altogether by venturing out to initiate a Metaverse in health and wellness.

Aditya Narayan(CEO)

The ecosystem will have thousands of health and wellness professionals like doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness experts from different parts of the world offering their services. As per the statistics published by Statista Research Department, the retail value of the health and wellness market in India amounted to approximately $8.4 billion back in 2018. Despite this significant growth, Aditya Narayan and his team witnessed a huge gap with regards to personalization of products and services to customers. Besides, companies that were already positioned in the personalized health & wellness space were merely focused on creating a system-generated report based on the filled-in questionnaire by customers. 

This triggered the team to scientifically bridge this gap through research and evidence-based products and services with the highest level of personalization under the brand name Vieroots. This way, customers can make informed choices in terms of their health & wellness! Since its inception in October 2018, Vieroots has been making phenomenal strides in the health & wellness space not only across India but also globally through next generation wellness products developed using cutting-edge science and technology and focused on safety, purity, and efficacy.

Flagship Service – EPLIMO

Breathing a brand name that is synonymous with Roots of Life (Vie means Life), Aditya and his team are predominantly aimed at providing seamless value to their customers by never compromising on any aspect. He adds, “When we started Vieroots, our main motto was to upgrade the lives of people through personalized health & wellness products and services, rather than just selling our portfolio or meeting the basic needs of people. We ensure that they live long and stay young!” He considers the Roots of Life to go back to Ancient Wellness Wisdom, which is more of Eastern in origin.

To achieve this motto, he and his team developed a flagship service named EPLIMO (Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications), a one-of-a-kind process in the Indian market. This process kickstarts with a scientific genetic profiling of the customer which is basically a genetic predisposition testing and not a medical genetic or diagnostic test. This is performed to analyze the probable risk factors that are associated with the customer’s health. Following this, a metabolic profiling is done, which is a well-curated questionnaire constituting 70 questions prepared by Vieroots’ in-house doctors. Metabolic profiling is performed to understand the present lifestyle of a person.

Furthermore, Vieroots’ team of geneticists, microbiologists and biotechnologists combine both the data to create a personalized lifestyle management recommendation plan for that customer. They work in tandem to achieve the mission of creating superhumans by empowering common people to biohack their physiology and psychology so as to live long, stay young and be productive.  Aditya asserts, “The most challenging part about the EPLIMO process was spreading awareness to people since it is a concept that is quite unheard of in the Indian market”. To overcome this challenge, he and his team are educating people on the importance of exploring the possibilities of staying healthy, achieving overall life upgradation, from a young age itself, and other concepts through offline and online programs and other social media platforms.

The Masterminds

The young CEO of Vieroots, Aditya is a management graduate who is passionate about wellness and envisions to spread happiness and prosperity to millions of families by providing completely personalised lifestyle management solutions to each individual associated with him. Besides Aditya, Vieroots is overseen by his father – Sajeev Nair (Founder & Chairman), a peak performance strategist and world-class human transformation expert since 2000. Sajeev is the mastermind behind the process called Thought Process Reengineering (TPR), which involves concepts such as how you can take control of yourself, how you can come out of your limiting beliefs and many more. He is also the proud author of the books – ‘Tathaastu’ and ‘The Making of a Superhuman,’ which was endorsed by Suniel Shetty and foreword written by Padmabhooshan Mohanlal.

As the beloved COO of Vieroots, VP Sajeev comes with two decades of experience in the corporate and research sectors. He had been working for a big project at M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) in Wayanad. Dr. Biju KS outshines as the Senior Medical Officer at Vieroots, who is an  MD in Homeopathy as well as an IIM Graduate. He oversees the entire genetics and scientific team at Vieroots. Altogether, Aditya and his team of 25 professionals ensure to stay well-versed about what is happening in the firm as well as across the world through seamless training programs.

Aditya says, “The main advantage we put forward to our clients that makes us different is by asking them how they would feel celebrating their 100th birthday after a 5 km run, or if they can perform in their 80s and 90s with the same energy and passion they had back in their 30s and 40s, or if they can take charge of their entire health & wellness regime even after turning 100”.

L_R Dr Sanjeev Nair (Charirman & Founder) Aditya Nrayan (CEO)

The Road Ahead

Being always futuristic, Aditya and his team are all geared-up to expand Vieroots’ operations across multiple countries in the world. Besides a recently established office in UAE that is focusing on onboarding experienced practitioners, they are in talks with the Sri Lankan and Australian markets as well to extend their presence. Not just in terms of PR, but Vieroots has been etching its presence in the digital world too especially after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Aditya and his team have been constantly working on shifting EPLIMO to Blockchain in order to make all health & wellness practitioners, dieticians, doctors, fitness trainers, meditation experts and other professionals associated with them, feel valued in the process of promoting Vieroots’ products and services. This ecosystem of users, health and wellness practitioners, and institutions is called LIMOVERSE which stands for Lifestyle Modification Universe. LIMOVERSE is expected to rise in the horizon of metaverse in the following year.  This ecosystem will be powered by a Utility Token called ‘LIMO,’ which will have a great use and trade value, through which LIMOVERSE will be helping people to be wealthy while maintaining their health.

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