Jaydev Patel. CEO

Aditya Microdynamic is a company that is poised to succeed in the history of Corporate India. Their sole focus is providing their consumers with the best. One of the leading producers and providers of mix micronutrient chemical fertiliser is Aditya Microdynamic.

Aditya Microdynamic, which was first established in 1996 as Aditya Agro-Nandeshari, has become the market leader as a result of the inclusion of primary and secondary nutrient fertiliser as well as Bio Organic Products to its line of goods. Since the day they  founded the organisation, care for the environment has been taken seriously at all manufacturing levels at their unit, allowing the clients, or farmers, to restore the health of agricultural land. Care is a small but priceless word that is expressed in their  actions and activities.

The company is all prepared to spread the word about their caring philosophy to every aspect of their life, including the workforce, suppliers, services, society, and even the environment. Aditya Microdynamic has gone above and beyond the norm to achieve its goal of being crucial to India's development in an effort to extend this concept.

The Products Line

Their products are primarily divided into three groups: soluble fertilisers, bio organic compounds, and fertilisers for soil application. Their cutting-edge plant in Mahij, Gujarat's District Kheda, produces the goods. The department has in-house experts who supervise and guarantee accurate output. This enables them to use finest quality certified raw resources to make high quality and valuable products. The mission of Aditya Microdynamic is to offer farmers items of the highest calibre at the most competitive prices. Their most recent foray into Bio Organic Product production will improve their crop nutrition goods even more. Their range of products include, High zinc plus “A” Class multi micronutrient fertiliser Mix micronutrient fertiliser for soil Application,Aditya Zymotech -A Seaweed Extract base Bio-Organic Granules,Ammonium Molybdate-Substance Contain Soluble Molybdate for Foliar Spray,AquaBor-Boron Ethanolamine as B 10%,Borocal Ca-B-A Novel Combination of Amino Chelated Calcium and Amino Chelated Boron,Borospray-Substance containing soluble boron 20 % super fine Powder,Borotech-10-Substance Containing Borax DecaHydrate for Soil Appli- Contains Boron As B-10%,BronoTech and many more.

Commitments And Futuristic Vision

Aditya Microdynamics is committed to a successful long-term engagement with its clients, dealers, and distributors; as a result, they always work to understand their needs in order to truly benefit them. Being in continual communication with their partners in progress through their customer service unit helps them stand out in the face of fierce competition.

Aditya Microdynamic, a company founded to aid farmers, makes sure that every decision it makes serves its stated objective of dispersing happiness rather than selling fertilisers. They have raised themselves to a standard that others can only aspire to in order to put their ideology into practice.

Aditya Microdynamic is planning to promote independence in all activities relating to the operations, including process knowledge and product marketing, in this competitive environment. They have plans to promote, organise, and carry out research and development in products, technology, engineering, soil science, and agronomy in order to develop several corporate objectives. They are interested in dealing with the manufacturing and marketing of fertilisers related to agricultural inputs.

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