Multiplexes have pushed through the perplexing times and have recently reopened their doors to the public. Going to the movies now will undoubtedly be a different experience, and the varied design schemes that multiplex owners and multiplex designers are adopting to reopen successfully could transform the way movie theatres function completely.

The specific architectural components regarded best for bringing forth a wholesome cinematic experience will vary depending on the audience’s adaptability to the present times with an innovative forthcoming design, catering to the needs of social distancing from entry to seating, higher cleanliness standards adopted, improved ventilation system installations, and other digital and design initiatives. So, to adapt to changing lifestyles, movie theatres must encourage audiences to not only return, but to return more frequently, and to do so, as an architect we need to build a relevant design strategy elevating the entire movie experience.

Here's what is now modified and transformed in the way we design multiplexes at Chromed Design Studio -

Digital Accessibility Making Room for Creative Design Concepts

With ease in ticket bookings, high-end movie theatres have gone digital! Although digital tickets and online seat bookings were becoming more widespread, the closure presented an opportunity to improve these facilities with creative thinking that aims for elevating the whole movie experience. Going digital, from booking tickets to ordering refreshments, is now one of the key priorities and the designer's contribution to this is the installation of a unique scanning booth to avoid the long queues at the ticket counter and the creation of lounge space with multiple seating options for people to relax in the meantime for the movie leading to clutter-free spaces. Making every aspect of the theatergoing experience as frictionless as possible has made it more convenient to provide the audience with what they desire including an immaculate ambience.

Private Viewing Boxes

Private screenings are a trend among youth where they have the benefit of enjoying the movie within their groups. Mini auditoriums or private viewing boxes have been intentionally designed to cater for the sole purpose of allowing people to experience the best of leisure with their groups. Emboldened by the popularity of private screenings, designers are focusing on providing "advanced" experiences, such as more comfortable seating, various F&B options on the menu, seat services and many more. 

The First Stop For People When They Venture Outdoors

It may seem simple, but movie theatres rely on loyal movie fans, who watch a movie at least once a month. To cater for the masses, it is imperative to transform people's perceptions of movie theatres; where consistent cinephiles become the mainstream rather than the privilege of a devoted minority. With the spectacular evolution of outdoor venues, individuals prefer to leave home as a distinct benefit. A theatre can have various buffer zones for people to have more than just a theatre experience, such as a kids zone where children can have adventures, cafes that have evolved to be the most popular social spaces featuring various activities to keep people entertained and a diverse menu of food items to enjoy, and featured walls serving the purpose of art gallery showcasing different artworks, and so on.

A Wholesome Cinematic Experience Is The Key

With online numerous streaming options available, it is important to continue to develop innovative ways to draw in customers. Alongside comfort and additional conveniences, the architectural layout of the theatres is also crucial. Cinema design must be flexible enough to allow theatres to adjust and adapt to meet the requirements of the customers as the movie business continues to expand at a quick pace to stay up with technology and changing public demands. Finally, cinema design provides an aura in which people can relax while being entertained.

The recently designed theatre INOX by Ar. Abhigyan Neogi of Chromed Design Studio is one of the best instances of this approach. INOX Cinemas is one of India's largest cinema chains, with outlets around the country. With a new opening of 5500 sq. ft., the Multiplex cinema is located in Delhi's business hub and features state-of-the-art technology. This multiplex is developed in the Art Deco style, showing modernism translated into flair. The space defines simple and clean spaces with a streamlined look, with design interpretations of sleek as well as anti-traditional elegance emblematic of wealth and refinement. The geometric ornamentation depicted on the walls, floor, and ceiling is immediately noticeable upon entering the area.

Ultimately, individuals go to the movies for the social experience of sharing their admiration of a film with others. People who go to the movies, whether cinephiles or ordinary watchers, want to see them sooner, whether with companions or by themselves. They want to see it on the large screen, as envisioned by the director. And, to keep them coming back, the theatre must offer all of the world-class amenities such as clutter-free spaces, buffer zones, and various activities to keep them entertained and engaged offering an unparalleled experience.

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About Author

Featured on the iDecorama top 100 Architect’s list, A&I top 100, i-GEN 50 and MGS top 50 list of the best architects & interior designers, Chromed Design Studio has long been in the industry of creating atmospheres than mere designs. Recognized pan India specifically for their eclectic and emblematic interiors, Chromed Design Studio plays in a multiplicity of repertoires, never sticking to purity of style, rather letting the
vicinity translate into a vocabulary that is both informal and bold. Their décors are their playground, spaces where spontaneity and magic are de rigueur. Chromed’s niche which is hospitality and luxury design excites and provokes but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the ambience and break free to entertain.

Spearheading Chromed Design Studio is Ar. Abhigyan Neogi where, through his individual expertise has contributed towards the firm’s robust image in the design industry. Abhigyan combines his sharp logical ability with joyful nature to create habitats that embody the wow spirit. Apart from creating avant-grade design strategies that redefine the façade of modern community life, he has also been a speaker sharing his experience on various platforms like Talk of the Town, 2019 by Surfaces Reporter and FOAID 2018-19. Celebrated hospitality projects designed by him have been featured in numerous mainlines including Home and Design Trendz, Restaurant India, Hospitality Biz, Architecture + Design, L’Officiel, B.O.B Korea, Restaurant Development + Design and many more. He has been acknowledged with Young Designer Award, India 2010; Estrade Award, Singapore for Best Commercial Interiors 2016; Winner for Retail Interiors by FOAID India 2016, Commendation at Saint Gobain; Economic Times Award for Best Hospitality Design 2016 and Platinum Winner for Best Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 3.0 by Berger and FOAID India 2017; Winner
at HP Skyline 2050 Awards; Speaker at Dialogues Hyderabad 2018; Finalist at Cera Design Challenge 2018 & Finalist for Commercial and Hospitality Interiors at Architecture Ideas 4.0 by FOAID 2018.

The practice is currently marching ahead with a vibrant team; each pursuing a distinctive value based architectural spirit that Chromed Design Studio imbues.

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