Building Wealth, Enriching Lives

With the growing wealth of people in India, more and more investments are expected to fuel the market. According to a new report by BCG, the financial wealth in India is expected to grow by 10 percent, touching $5.5 trillion by 2025. As the interest rates provided by banks continue to lay low in the negative zone, investors are now looking to participate in inflation hedge investment products for wealth creation.

New Delhi-based SMC Private Wealth, offers both equity and debt services to its investors and is perfectly positioned in the financial space to cater to the growing demand in the market. The company provides tailor-made investment solutions to its investors to achieve their investment goals with a targeted time frame, with a 360-degree holistic view and client-centric approach.

“We focus on proper asset allocation with a right portfolio mix of different investment asset classes as per risk profile and investment horizon of the client. In addition, we follow open architecture for facilitating in-house as well as third party products so that we can offer unique products to our investors,” said Ayush Aggarwal, Chief Investment Officer, SMC Private Wealth.


The Journey

In 2008, SMC Private Wealth started its journey as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMC Global Securities. In 2019, it merged its wealth management business under the parent entity SMC Group. Cut to 2021, SMC Group has 2600 offices across 600 cities. The company has around 22 Lakh plus clients dealing in various segments. SMC has close to 3500 employees.

In the last few years, SMC Private Wealth has also won several accolades and awards. Some of them include “Best Financial Services Provider Award” by Assocham; “Wealth Creator in Financial and Consulting Sector” by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI); “Company of the Year (Financial Services)” by Zee Business; “Investments Management and Advisory Company of the Year” by Brands Academy among others.

SMC Private Wealth offers almost all kinds of financial and investment products through its different verticals. More than anything, it leverages SMC Group’s capabilities to successfully deploy the cross-selling of financial products to all its clients. It counts its ability to utilize the internal client’s database as its USP compared to the rest of its peers. Besides cross-selling of financial products, SMC Private Wealth also takes care of client suitability and requirements.

“Before onboarding any financial product, we do rigorous due diligence,” said Mr. Ayush Aggarwal, stating that it goes through the entire legal and technical aspects of the product in detail. Plus, the company also goes through the record of investment managers and access the risk involved in the product so that the team can suggest the products to investors based on their investor’s risk profile.

Towards digitisation

Currently, SMC Private Wealth offers a wide range of products and services to its clients. Some of them include mutual funds, PMS, structure products, alternative investment funds, arbitrage trading through algorithmic trading, debt execution services, real estate services, insurance services, equity trading, commodity and currency training. In addition to this, the company has partnered with different banks and NBFCs to provide credit and financing services to its investors. It includes P2P lending, lost shares recovery services, litigation funding, offshore investments, and test & will services.

Its flagship products include SMC Growth PMS and arbitrage trading. “In both the products, our main objective is to protect investors' wealth first. With regards to performance, both of them have generated good returns for our investors in the past,” said Aggarwal.

Further, he said that the company currently also provides Robo-advisory services to its investors. In the future, we will focus on technology-driven products based on artificial intelligence. “For easing the investment process for our investors, we are focusing on digital platforms and providing more technologically driven services to our investors, and also good customer experience,” concluded Aggarwal.