Creating Next-Generation Wealth Management Solutions For A Changed Market

As the country’s wealth continues to grow significantly, the need for professionally handled wealth management services becomes crucial more than ever. According to the Family Wealth Report, India has about 150,000 ultra high net-worth individuals (HNIs) with a cumulative net worth of $2 trillion. This number is expected to touch 400,000 ultra HNIs with a net worth of $5 trillion by 2025. 

Pioneering portfolio management service (PMS) is Mehta Wealth Ltd. (formerly known as Mehta Fincon Services Ltd), a premium wealth management firm in Surat, Gujarat. The company offers personalised and customised wealth management solutions to its HNIs and ultra HNIs, utilising a comprehensive range of technology tools and resources backed by a culture of teamwork and excellence. Besides PMS, Mehta Wealth also offers products and services in alternative investment funds (AIF), private equity, global funds, and real estate funds. 

With 16+ years of experience in the space, Mehta Wealth currently serves close to 500 HNI clients and has a team of 20 people. Leveraging heavily in technology, the company has 100 per cent digitised all its operations and processes. In addition, they are extensively using technology for their clients and the team by introducing mobile app, CRM tools, Dashboards, etc. 

Kinjal Mehta, Director & COO at Mehta Wealth, said, “We are a digital organisation and have built a digital enquiry module system which automatically raises and acknowledges a client query (TAT 30-60 seconds during work hours.” Further, she said that the company is looking towards incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in its service delivery to help its clients get their queries solved/answered faster. 

Simplifying Investments 

Mehta Wealth believes that a key to any successful investment is picking the right products and the best-suited asset management companies. But, unfortunately, that is where a majority of investors struggle. Keyur Mehta, Chairman and CIO at Mehta Wealth, said, “Investors who invest in direct equities without ample research often end up facing below benchmark returns. A major reason for that is over-diversification of portfolios and non-professional route of Investments.”

That is where Mehta Wealth comes into the picture, where it provides its clients with the best AMC (asset management companies) to invest in concentrated portfolios of 15/20 high-quality companies. Most importantly, the company undertakes a data-driven approach while applying robust research methodologies and analytics to guide investors better on their risk factors. 

A Culture of Growth 

Mehta Wealth takes great pride in its team. The firm employs dedicated relationship managers who conduct periodic review meetings of clients’ portfolios, emphasising communication. In addition, it adds a personal touch to its clients’ dealings through concalls, webinars, meetings, birthday wishes, customised gifts, etc. 

The company’s work culture is unique. It believes that the team should not stick to the norms of a 9 to 5 work system. Instead, their work system is flexible, and the employees are required to work only 40 hours a week and can be accomplished during any time and any day of the week. In addition, it is one of the first companies in the wealth management space to provide its employees with a permanent remote work option.

As the pandemic hampered businesses, globally and in India, the Mehta Wealth team took advantage of the situation by becoming much more proactive in their approach. Since the outbreak, the company has been working efficiently, thanks to the technology, which has helped the team to reach their clients and prospects multifold, which otherwise would have not been possible. “With the client’s faith and trust in our service, not much has changed,” said Krunal.

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