India is ushering into new age. Our country boast of youngest population in the world. This era is represented by millennials which is financially more empowered and aware too. Women empowerment is visible everywhere. New India’s priority is not only “roti kapda aur makaaan”, it is much more than that.  

Recent development of pandemic has forced Indians to face unprecedented financial dilemmas. According to a recent study, nearly 70 per cent of Indians have now placed greater emphasis on securing the future by increasing investments and savings.

Founded in 2009, headquartered in Bengaluru, InvestAscent Wealth Advisors is one such advisory firm that offers trusted financial advisory services to its customers via a client-centric approach and comprehensive industry experience. The company is backed by a team of professionals with over 150 years of combined financial services experience and knowledge in the field of wealth advisory, private banking, treasury management, risk management, private equity, stock markets, succession planning, debt syndication etc.


“We partner your dreams,” is the punch line of Anuja Agrawal, managing director at InvestAscent Wealth Advisory. As per Anuja, 90 per cent of advisors at present talk about financial products -- mutual funds, stocks, FD, etc. All these instruments are great, but unless they are mapped appropriately to the needs and goals of the clients, Financial planning is incomplete”.

Anuja highlighted, the differentiating factor of InvestAscent is that it goes beyond products and connects with the clients at a very emotional level. Indian society is emerging. Goals are not limited to New house or car or marriages. People have aspirations like - Millennials planning to retire at 45-50 years, Higher studies at international universities, Plan for startups, Entrepreneurship, Invest in life experiences.

USP of InvestAscent is  while charting a Financial plan, company hand-holds its client throughout the process and helps them by not only achieve their financial goals but also meet their dreams. Client is the centre for InvestAscent, providing right advice as per the needs of the client is in their DNAs.

Among many industry awards, InvestAscent has been awarded by CNBC TV-18 for the Best Performing Individual Financial Advisor -- Women (South) and also with ‘Grand Jury Award’. This recognition came their way for their contribution to the society for the work done towards Financial Education.


InvestAscent has close to 1300+ clients across the country, ranging from family offices, HNIs, entrepreneurs of successful startups, and working professionals.

Anuja boast InvestAscent as a “One-stop solution”. Besides financial planning, the company offers a gamut of financial services to its clients, particularly in tax, succession planning, will management, wealth management, treasury and working capital management. It also specialises in traditional and alternative investments, risk management strategies, trust and estate services, traditional broking services, wealth transfer planning, and enterprise consulting & solutions.

InvestAscent believes in giving flexibility to its clients, where they can choose to manage their own portfolio or delegate day-to-day responsibility of their investments

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Growing 35 per cent year-on-year, InvestAscent is looking to expand its presence across the country. Currently, the company manages close to 2000 crores across all assets. It looks to become one of the top five financial advisory firms in India.

In the coming months, InvestAscent plans to start an online education drive on personal finance, specially for women and millennials, alongside inducing financial skills in schools and colleges. In the words of Anuja: “Understanding Personal Finance is a life skill, one should be smart enough to know how to manage their own money”.  In line with this, company is initiating a new segment in wealth management services, focusing more on Women and millennials, more from a social responsibility and business idea.